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Compare Web SIP client solutions
Browser SIP phones and libraries

Web SIP client for Asterisk
Browser VoIP phone for Asterisk

SIP client for Salesforce
Browser VoIP softphone for Salesforce

Asterisk WebRTC
Setup WebRTC in Asterisk

WebPhone Quick Start
Web SIP Phone Tutorial

WebPhone -How It Works?
How the webphone is working?

Softswitch usage examples
VoIP server use-case

WebPhone engine support grid
Web sip client browser support

WebPhone Logs
How to get logs from the webphone

How to implement click to call

Convert numbers to click to call links
Linkify numbers on web pages

SIP wiki

H323 intro and tests

Nokia SIP client
Configuration guide for the Nokia built-in SIP client

Generic VoIP device
Configuration guide for third party voip devices

SoftPhone presentation, using MizuPhone

Mizu website in different languages

VoIP News

About softphone's

Ftp download

VoIP Tunneling Setup
Setup checklist

VoIP Tunneling Country List
Countries using Mizutech VoIP tunneling

VoIP Tunneling Client
Integration with third party softphones

Analyze VoIP traffic with Wireshark

Change a SIP session

VoIP server upgrade
How to upgrade the Mizu VoIP server

H.323 guide
How to setup H.323 in Mizu VoIP server

VoIP tester
VoIP stresstest user interface

Describing SIP, RTP, TLS, and the other buzzwords

WebPhone compare: Mizutech VS Zoiper
Compare Zoiper to webphone

About VOIP

Video Presentation
SIP softphone video turorial

Install Android softphone
How to install Android softphone on your phone?

Customized Symbian softphone
Nokia softphone branding options

Callshop tutorial

Call termination
Setup call termination

Softphone pricing
Pricing for mizutech softphone

Softphone logs
How to send log from softphone

Softphone parameters
How to apply extra settings for the modern softphone

Android logs
How to send log from MizuDroid

Softswitch monitoring and troubleshooting
Mizu Softswitch logs, alerts and monitoring

VoIP Callback description

Customized Android softphone
Android softphone with your brand name

iPhone softphone customization
iPhone branding

Android softphone customization
Custom Android softphone for business

Android softphone IPC
Interacting with the Mizutech Android SIP Client

Publishing MizuDroid
Android softphone customization and upload to the Market

Upgrade to MizuDroidPro
How to activate your Pro license

Publishing MizuPhone for iPhone
How to publish on the Apple App Store

Windows softphone customization
Branding options

General softphone customization
Branding options for all VoIP clients

Remote desktop login
Server access

VoIP tester Pricing
Prices for Mizutech VoIP stresstest tool

VoIP tunneling service
Secure VoIP call service by Mizutech

Webportal integration
Integrate the softswitch enduser control panel

PHP MS SQL connection
Connect from PHP to MS SQL Database

Server hardware requirements
VoIP Softswitch hardware requirements

Try Mizu Server
Mizu Softswitch online demo and test

WebRTC Gateway Tutorial
MRTC Quick Start Guide

SDK Features
Compare SIP SDK versions

Softphone Features
Compare SIP app versions