IP Centrex

Start offering hosted IP Centrex and virtual PBX services to your customers for low cost    

To fulfill all needs regardless of your company size, we have built two different solutions to our customers:

  • Low cost Virtual PBX for SMB usage
  • Hosted IP Centrex platform for VoIP service providers and enterprises

    By installing multiple independent virtual VoIP servers on the same box, you can maximize your infrastructure efficiency by allocating/pausing/removing server instances after the actual needs.

    The VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol technology allows seamless unified communications with the ability to transmit voice, video, data, fax and presence information over the Internet at a very low cost. The future of communications is unified communications, and it is already happening.  The size of investment made into unified communication solutions is by far smaller than the investment into traditional communication solutions (traditional PBX hardware, separate videoconferencing devices, and computer network for data transmission). Applied to companies, it enables fast, real-time collaboration at all levels and all kinds of communication. Because SIP is based on Internet protocol it is not restricted geographically, this means you can treat your phone service the same way you would your email and access it anywhere in the world. SIP also allows users with different service providers to communicate with each other.

    Unified communications help you to streamline information delivery and ensure ease of use. Human delays are minimized or eliminated, resulting in better, faster interaction and service-delivery to the customer, and cost savings for the business. Unified communications also allows for easier, more direct collaboration between your employees, co-workers and with suppliers and clients, even if they are not physically there on the same site. This allows for possible reductions in business travel, especially with multi-party video communications.
Many UC platforms can also be integrated into automation systems to aid in rapid response for incident situations. Organizations are often concerned with emergency incident response time in a disaster recovery, client impacting, or revenue losing incident. Organizations must be able to resolve these issues as fast as possible to prevent further impact on business processes. Having a UC system fully populated with names, phone numbers, email addresses, IM names, and access to video and voice can be a great benefit to organize incident response teams as fast as possible and ensure that these teams have all the information available when the incident occurs. This can be accomplished with automation systems and incident response processes to allow business teams to quickly establish communication to a number of required individuals by simple clicking a button or submitting a command for a certain escalation procedure. ‘Mizutech’ fully integrated UC platform can be interfaced with to receive commands from an automation system and quickly establish communications with the proper individuals. Having these teams able to quickly establish full communication regardless of presence, allows the incident to be managed and solved through the best available open communication tunnels.

    Our IP Centrex server is a feature-rich, interoperable, broadband IP Telephony solution aimed at the needs of business customers.

    With the Mizutech VoIP service hosting solution you can minimize your maintanance costs and start using VoIP without any investment.

    For more details have a look at our Softswitch or CallCenter solutions.