All In One VoIP system

One platform, multiple applications  

All in one VoIP solution

     Start your business immediately offering your clients the largest sets of tools to access your server. We offer low start-up costs and high ROI. Mizutech software is built with cutting-edge technology designed for high throughput, reliability, with exceptional functionality.
     Target different customer bases using different business approaches to sell your VoIP service. Give your users the possibility to call from anywhere using a whole range of different devices and methods.
     The heart of the all in one solution is our VoIP server customized for your needs.  

The main advantages of using our “all-in one” system are the followings:

  • Get a complete solution covering all your VoIP related requirements
  • Highest possible voice quality using Mizutech server and client side media enhancements
  • Continuous technology upgrades keeps you on the top of the VoIP market
  • Lowest price with best ROI. Much better costs than it would be hosting on your own server
  • The advantage to have all software from one provider (better compatibility, simplified management, simplified support)
  • Start your VoIP business in the quickest time possible (the startup time can be between 1 hour to 2 days, depending on your needs)
  • Strong support that will help you in all VoIP related technical and business related doubts
  • Automatic price reduction as hardware/bandwidth cost decreasing; no need for renegotiations
  • Easy to use reliable service with 99.9 uptime guarantee

Your users will be able to access the VoIP platform capabilities by the following methods:

  • End-user website (with direct call capability)
  • Any SIP capable device (ip phones, ATA's)
  • Call from browser using WebRTC or Flash
  • Calling card
  • Prepaid cards
  • Call directly from any browser without installing any software (webphone)
  • Client application running on mobile phones
  • Softphone calls (using a customized mizu softphone with your brand)
  • Callback
  • P2P calls: by using the phone to phone feature, clients are enabled to create low cost conversations between traditional phones
  • SMS callback
  • Callshops
  • Windows desktop and web based admin access
  • Payments via recharge cards, credit cards, PayPal, pin codes, etc
  • and other methods built over our server API 

The following softwares are included in the package (all modules are optional except the softswitch core):