iPhone Softphone -Short Description

MizuPhone for iOS is a simple to use SIP softphone for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices with the best possible call quality and reliability. The iOS SIP softphone can be used with in any SIP networks, with any SIP server, PBX or softswitch.


  •     VoIP calls from your iOS device using the SIP protocol standards (both incoming and outgoing calls)
  •     Connection: GPRS, EDGE, WiFi, 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G (all above 15 kbits)
  •     Protocol: SIP, RTP/RTCP, SRTP
  •     Transport methods: UDP/TCP/TLS
  •     Push notifications
  •     Main Screens: Settings, Dial-Pad, SpeedDial, History, AddressBook, Chat   
  •     Codec: G.711 (PCMU and PCMA), GSM, iLBC, G.722, G.729, Speex, OPUS (wideband)
  •     Echo canceller, Silence detector
  •     DTMF: RFC2833 or INFO method
  •     NAT, STUN
  •     Credit and rating display
  •     Accepting incoming calls while on sleep/in background/not running
  •     PushKit notifications
  •     CallKit integration (native phone handler)
  •     Callback and SMS integration (optional)
  •     PBX features such as hold, transfer, caller-id and call-waiting
  •     Branding and autoprovisioning (optional)
  •     Built-in UDP encryption for both the signaling and the media (optional)
  •     Customization (optional)


Free version -for endusers

  • MizuPhone for iPhone lets you call your friends for free with instantly created VoIP accounts.
  • Type any name for the “Server” input box and use any “Username” and “Password”. Your friends have to connect with the same “Server” name and then you can call them on their “Username”.  
  • Use it with any SIP server (free SIP services with the above described method)

White-label version -for smaller VoIP service providers

  • Downloadable from the AppStore from under Mizutech account.
  • Users need to type server, username and password to begin using the softphone
  • The server can be any string (such as your brand name or a number like 123)
  • Price: 290 USD/year or 890 USD/one time payment with unlimited usage (number of users and calls are not monitored)
  • Options

Customized version -for VoIP service providers and companies

  • Downloadable from the AppStore from under your company account.
  • Users need to type username and password to begin using the softphone.
  • Price: 1490 USD with unlimited usage (number of users and calls are not monitored).
  • This is an one-time payment for lifetime license. (no any additional recurring payments)
  • Customization details

Source code -for enterprises and develpers

  • We provide the iOS softphone source code and development kit for selected partners
  • Documentation

We provide the iOS softphone "as-is" with no further support.
Please test the demo or build a trial first before to purchase to make sure that it fullfills your requirements.



iPhone Softphone