VoIP software Documentation

Android SIP Library Documentation (PDF)Download
Android softphone user guide (PDF)Download
Callback (PDF)Download
Callcenter tutorial (PDF)Download
Database backups (PDF)Download
DNN for VoIP (PDF)Download
iOS SIP Build and PublishDownload
iOS SIP LibraryDownload
iOS Softphone DevelopmentDownload
iPhone softphone usage (PDF)Download
IVR documentation (Online HTML)Download
IVR documentation (PDF)Download
Java SIP Library Documentation (PDF)Download
Mizu Tunneling guide (PDF)Download
Push Integration Guide (PDF)Download
Routing setup (PDF)Download
Server admin guide (CHM)Download
Server admin guide (Online)Download
Server admin guide (PDF)Download
Server cloning (PDF)Download
Server database interface (PDF)Download
Server HTTP interface (PDF)Download
Server tutorial old version (PDF)Download
Server user authentication (PDF)Download
SIP SBC documentation (PDF)Download
Softphone API (PDF)Download
Softphone customization (PDF)Download
Softphone icon test (EXE)Download
Softphone user guide (CHM)Download
Softphone user guide (Online HTML)Download
Softphone user guide (PDF)Download
Softswitch admin guide (Online HTML)Download
Softswitch Security (PDF)Download
Video tutorial -softswitch (youtube)Download
Video tutorials 2 -softswitch (youtube)Download
VoIP backend high availability (PDF)Download
VoIP Billing (PDF)Download
VoIP database failover (PDF)Download
VoIP integration (PDF)Download
VoIP Server API (Online HTML)Download
VoIP Server API V2 (PDF)Download
VoIP Server Failover and Load Sharing (old)Download
VoIP server install guide (CHM)Download
VoIP server install guide (Online HTML)Download
VoIP server install guide (PDF)Download
VoIP server tutorial (CHM)Download
VoIP server tutorial (PDF)Download
VoIP service high availabilityDownload
VoIP SMS (PDF)Download
VoIP tunnel presentation (PDF)Download
VoIP Web control panel (PDF)Download
VoIP website (PDF)Download
Webphone documenation -Old (CHM)Download
Webphone documenation -Old (PDF)Download
Webphone documentation (CHM)Download
Webphone documentation (PDF)Download
Windows IP-PBX tutorial (Online HTML)Download