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Publishing MizuPhone for iPhone

Now you can customize and build your iOS softphone from here.
The new iOS build and publish guide can be found here.

Before ordering your branded build, please

Mizutech needs the followings to be able to build your softphone to the Apple App Store.

Basic details:

  • Your company name
  • Your website address where you are advertising your VoIP services
  • Brand name (the name of the application)
  • Program icon (good quality png 1024x1024)

Server details (if your VoIP server is not from Mizutech):

  • Your server address (domain name or IP)
  • Two test SIP account
  • Link to user account page (if you have an enduser web portal)
  • Complete design work (in case if you wish to change the default skin)
  • HTTP API for your server if any:
  • Balance request
  • Rating display
  • Callback
  • Phone to phone
  • SMS
  • PIN recharge

Required by the App Store:

  • Application description
  • Keywords
  • Support email address
  • Support URL
  • Application URL (this can be also your homepage)
  • Developer account login (described below)

To create a developer account you will have to register to the Apple developer program:
This will cost $99 and might take a few days to be ready.
Make sure to carefully complete all profile details, otherwise your app might be rejected.

The Mizutech app builder will require the following details:

  • provisioning profile
  • application ID (looks like com.mizutech.mizuphone)
  • certificate (you will need to generate your CSR yourself and send the certificate what you got back from Apple)

The complete process is described here:

If you wish the app to be installed only on a limited number of devices, then the UDID from these devices will be required as described here:

Important note:
Please note that App Store acceptance is out of our control and Mizutech is not responsible for the success of the App Store upload and publishing, except if it is rejected due to a bug in our softphone.
Otherwise the app stores might reject your app for various reasons, including your company reputation, bad name, inaccurate description, duplicate content, incorrect privacy policy, wrong/broken links and other reasons.

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