The Mizu SIP iOS SDK is a SIP client for iPhone/iPad devices based on the PJSIP library.
The SDK can be used to build your own SIP softphone for iOS or add VoIP capabilities into any iOS app.
This is the only SDK offered by Mizutech which is based on a third-party library instead of Mizutech in-house development -for all other platforms we created our own SIP library from scratch.
For this reason, currently we don't commercialize the iOS SIP SDK separately. We provide it "as-is" as an extra, bundled with our All-In-One SDK or if you purchase SDK for two other platforms (for example Android + Web or Java + Windows).


The SDK includes all features supported by PJSIP, including full SIP (UDP/TCP transport) and SIPS (TLS/SRTP) support, NAT/STUN, wide codec support, AEC, DTMF, IM and many other features.
We provide the followings above PJSIP:

  • Source code (The PJSIP project prepared for iOS development, ready to use source for both ARM for production and x86 for simulator)
  • Extended/patched PJSIP with useful features and bug fixes (such as preconfigured G.729 and OPUS codec)
  • Ready to use XCode project to ease starting SIP development for iOS
  • A MacOS virtual machine with everything preconfigured for SIP development (useful if you don't have a MacOS machine or don't want to spend time with XCode setup)
  • A simple working sample/example project to demonstrate the SDK usage
  • Optionally a turnkey ready softphone project which you can modify/integrate/customize after your needs
  • Documentation (easy to follow step-by-step documentation for the development environment) and VoIP app Appstore publishing guide
  • Since the solution is based on the open source PJSIP library, we provide this software "as-is" with no direct support 


iOS SIP SDK documentation