Title Description
Android SDKDownloadSIP library for Android
Java SDKDownloadSIP library for Java
OtherDownloadSIP libraries for other platforms
WebPhoneDownloadSIP library for Browsers
Windows SDKDownloadSIP SDK for Windows


 Title Description
WebphoneDownloadDownload webphone package
DocumenatationDownloadWebphone documentation
JVoIP -Java SDKDownloadVoIP client library
VoIP appletDownloadA java applet based VoIP client for browsers
More detailsDownloadRead more details about Mizu Webphone

Mobile softphone

 Title Description
All mobile clientsDownloadDetailed listing
Android softphoneDownloadDownload MizuDroid apk file to your Android mobile
iPhone softphoneDownloadDownload iOS voip client from Apple App Store
Symbian dialerDownloadDownload sisx file for you Symbian/Nokia phone

Windows Softphone

 Title Description
Softphone -Modern Edition (free)DownloadOur new free softphone for windows
Download Softphone -Basic VersionDownloadDownload free softphone installer
Download Softphone -Full VersionDownloadDownload full version installer
Compare softphone'sDownloadCompare softphone versions
Softphone user guideDownloadDownload softphone user guide
More detailsDownloadRead more details about the softphone

VoIP Softswitch

 Title Description
Compact edition installerDownloadA free VoIP server for Windows with unlimited usage
Softswitch install guideDownloadStep by step instructions to install Mizu VoIP server
Softswitch -TutorialDownloadVoIP server quick start tutorial
Softswitch packageDownloadDownload VoIP server package
Softswitch -Web installer (old)DownloadDownload VoIP serverweb installer (will automatically download the required packages)
Softswitch -without database engine (old)DownloadDownload this if you already have MS-SQL (Full or Express edition) installed
Mizu ManageDownloadRemote server management client
Admin GuideDownloadDownload softswitch documentation
MS SQL resourcesDownloadIncludes the free MS-SQL database engine and prerequisites
Learn moreDownloadRead more about the softswitch


 Title Description
SIP SBCDownloadGeneral purpose SIP SBC/gateway/proxy

SIP Push Notification Gateway

 Title Description
MPUSH InstallerDownloadPush notification support for your SIP server and apps

WebRTC SIP gateway

 Title Description
WebRTC SIP gateway installerDownloadTransparent protocol conversion between WebRTC and SIP

VoIP tunnel

 Title Description
MTunnelDownloadClient for third-party softphones
Download VoIP tunnel installerDownloadDownload install package
VoIP tunnel -presentationDownloadDownload VoIP tunnel and encryption presentation
Learn moreDownloadRead more about VoIP tunnel solution

PBX FOR Windows

 Title Description
Windows PBX installerDownloadCommunication server for your company


 Title Description
Install CallcenterDownloadDownload callcenter installer
Supervisor clientDownloadRemote admin client for supervisors
MAgent Operator clientDownloadCRM frontend and VoIP client application for callcenter agents
Learn moreDownloadRead more about the Mizu callcenter solution

VoIP tester

 Title Description
Download VoIP TesterDownloadDownload the VoIP tester installer package (trial version)
Learn moreDownloadRead more about the VoIP tester

Other download

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