Presence and instant messaging

User mobility support for your customers    

     In the Mizutech software, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and its derivative SIMPLE (stands for “SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions”) protocols are used for instant messaging. The presence and instant messaging is used in our Softphone application. Employees using this software are constantly aware about other employees presence information, whether they are available or when they are going to be available. Mizutech Softphone supports IM instant messaging conferences; more people can be added to an IM session to make it a conference.

     The Mizu VoIP server allows users to travel anywhere in the world and still make and receive phone calls and use the rich presence and messaging capabilities that are built in our clients and servers.

     Presence and IM in Mizu clients and servers is built on the latest telecom standards (RFC 2778, PIDF) with high compatibility with other standards based VoIP devices and software.


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