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The Mizutech VoIP hosting service is a an ideal platform for wholesale and retail providers containing all key elements necessary for successful VoIP implementations including everything for a prosperous VoIP business: Class 4 and 5 capabilities with integrated billing and high performance routing, everything packaged as a turnkey managed or unmanaged solution with no upfront capital expense and no maintenance expense.

VoIP Hosting -service details

Hosting for VoIP service providers and telecom companies

Hosting your VoIP platform by Mizutech helps you to considerably reduce your hardware and maintenance costs. By using the Mizutech platform you can forgot about all low level technical issues and concentrate on your business. We provide managed services and our support will help you to resolve the often tricky VoIP related issues. By using the Mizutech VoIP hosting platform, your data is in safe and always belongs to you with the possibility to easily switch from our cloud/SaaS to your own dedicated server(s) or other platforms at any time since we provide open access to all your data and database with easy export/import functionality.


  • will handle all VoIP related technical details
  • provide you all the infrastructure for a successful VoIP business including: managed cloud servers, all-in-one softswitch and customized softphones


  • administrate everything from a single graphical user interface
  • forgot the technical details and focus on your business: interconnect with cost effective carriers, grow your users base

VoIP server hosting for small business

Be your own VoIP Provider. With our multi-tentant SaaS platform you can start your own VoIP server with minimal cost and risk. There is no investment and there is no startup fees. Only a monthly fee that include your own dedicated VoIP server preinstalled and preconfigured which you can customize after your needs anytime from anywhere. There is no constrains regarding the usage. You can find and interconnect with any other VoIP carrier or service provider after your needs. By connecting with multiple providers, you can further reduce your telecom costs by implementing LCR (least cost routing) or BRS (best route selection). All the decisions are in your hand, based on a solid platform for hosted VoIP servers, fully managed by Mizutech.

About the platform

We are running each VoIP service as a separate instance (sandbox) but still taking the full advantage from the hardware which helps us to minimize our costs thus allowing to deliver this service with the lowest prices. These are not virtual servers (VPS) which are known to be inadequate for VoIP usage. The separate server instances are all running natively on the hardware eliminating all the drawbacks that server virtualization would introduce in VoIP (CPU delay, networking delay, jitter). We are constantly monitoring the platform to guarantee that your server(s) runs in optimal condition adding more hardware when the utilization reach above 70%, allocating enough resources for occasional peaks or unexpected traffic.
You will be allowed full admin access to your service with the MizuManage remote application (runs from all Windows desktop OS).

Included in the service

  • preconfigured Class5 VoIP softswitch with integrated billing, extra modules and softphones with your branding
  • turnkey solution: ready for VoIP business out of the box, instant setup
  • runs on bare metal dedicated servers (not virtualized), using new generation Xeon servers and SSD storage
  • scalable from 20 to 20000+ simultaneous calls
  • send your traffic to any carriers, trunks, voip call termination providers
  • all low-level system management handled by us (hardware, OS, QoS, service availability, backups, scaling, etc)
  • fully automated: no low level technical maintenance or VoIP knowledge are needed
  • unlimited backup space and preconfigured automatic backup  
  • enhanced security with DDoS protection, account, calls and billing limit thresholds
  • your own dedicated IP with Gbits unmetered port (connectivity through multiple vendors with dedicated VoIP bandwidth)
  • built-in VoIP tunneling and encryption
  • available modules includes: reseller, callback, callshop, IVR, transcoding, LCR, BRS, call recording and many others
  • 70+ VoIP features such as barge-in, call transfer, conference, HD codec support and many others
  • all softswitch features and the "All-in-one system" features
  • customized SIP client applications for all the popular platforms: Web, Windows, Android, iOS
  • enduser/reseller/callshop/wholesale web interface
  • centralized admin all access (MizuManage) with easy migration (full import/export all your data anytime)
  • no vendor dependency (you are free to use/interconnect with any carrier, DID, SMS provider and other optional services)       
  • management, support (provided by qualified VoIP engineers only) and 24/7 monitoring
  • contact us with your special needs and requirements   

Included software (depending on your order):

This platform is recommended for

  • VoIP service providers
  • Mobile operators
  • Telecom companies   
  • VoIP Software integration
  • Wholesale platforms, Carriers
  • VoIP as a service (SaaS, PaaS)
  • Alternative carriers
  • WebVoIP and Click to call providers
  • Calling card distributors and call back dealers
  • Callcenters and IP Centrex
  • VoIP call termination
  • Other VoIP businesses


The prices depends on the usage (simultaneous calls, enabled features) with a very low TCO (around the half then it would be if you would host VoIP on your own dedicated servers). All required software (softswitch, web portal, softphone, webphone, ect) are also provided in a SaaS model. No upfront investment are needed (pay as you go), no minimum contact period and we offer 30 day trial period. Pay only what you use and when you use. No hidden charges or extra costs. Order from here.

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What is Hosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP services are intended for VoIP service operators to simplify the management and lower the cost of the core VoIP infrastructure allowing them to focus more on the business, leveraging the operation work to the hosting company. Among other benefits, a hosted VoIP platform will also offer flexibility and easy scalability. Hosted VoIP servers includes a full stack VoIP solution which includes redundant network, VoIP billing, user management and call routing.

Cloud VoIP vs Hosted VoIP

A cloud VoIP system is a based on cloud computing technology, where data is stored over the Internet, rather than on a server.
However unlike email and other similar web services in case of VoIP this kind architecture has less benefits and can't be done straightforward without high expenses.
For this reason Mizutech is using a hybrid solution where your softswitch acts as a cloud service but it has fix network paths with software on bare metal to maintain low TCO, real-time capabilities and high throughput.