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Softphone Features

Compare customized SIP softphone features by license type:

License Basic Standard        Advanced Gold          
License: perpetual perpetual perpetual perpetual
Max. nr. of users: 50 200 unlimited unlimited
Max. cc. calls: 10 50 unlimited unlimited
Max. nr. of servers: 1 1 1 multiple
White-label/Branding: yes yes yes yes
In/out SIP calls: yes yes yes yes
Basic features (mute, re-invite, etc):   yes yes yes yes
Advanced NAT traversal: no yes yes yes
Caller-ID: yes yes yes yes
Chat: yes yes yes yes
Redial: yes yes yes yes
Hold, transfer, forward: no basic full full
Call park and barge-in: no no no yes
3PCC: no no no yes
Conference: no no yes yes
Balance and rating display: no no yes yes
Vocemail (MWI): no yes yes yes
Codec: G.711          +GSM, Speex +G.729, Opus   +iLBC, G.722
Wideband/HD audio: no no yes yes
Video (as-is): no no yes yes
DTMF: yes yes yes yes
Enhanced voice processing: no no yes yes
Voice recording: no no yes yes
Encryption (TLS, SRTP, tunnel): no no yes yes
P2P: no  no no yes 
Presence: no basic yes yes
File transfer: no no yes yes
BLF: no no yes yes
PUSH: no no yes yes 
3GPP (compat, USSD, SMS, etc): no no no yes
Multi-lines: no yes yes yes
Multi-accounts: no no yes yes
Platforms (for the webphone only): intranet desktop desktop,mobile  desktop,mobile
Other standard features: yes yes yes yes
Other additional/extra features: no no yes yes
Email support: no 3 req./1 hour 10 req./5 hours 20 req./10 hours
Dev. support: no no 1 hour 4 hours
Priority support: no no yes yes, high
Upgrades: no 1 year 2 years 4 years

This is not a a list of all supported features, only those affected by the licensing. Other features are listed here.
See the software home page and the documentation for the full list of supported features.

*"Max nr. of users" means different devices where the SDK will be used (usually the number of people using the software)
*"Max cc. calls" means maximum number of simultaneous calls
*"Max nr. of server" means the maximum number of SIP server where the softphone will be used (the Basic/Standard/Advanced come with one preconfiured server while the Gold license allows also unlimited serers as described here)


  • Basic: Recommended for company internal usage (Max 50 users, 10 cc calls, basic features, no upgrades)
  • Standard: Recommended for small business and startups (Max 200 users, 50 cc calls, standard features, one year support)
  • Advanced: Recommended for VoIP service providers or callcenters (Unlimited users and calls, advanced features, two years support)
  • Gold: Recommended for Enterprise and major VoIP service providers (Extended priority support, unlimited, all features)

Technical support is also included in the cost as listed above, except for the basic license. The included support is usually enough for our customers, but if required, it can be also extended for a small feee.
All verions comes with perpetual life-time licene.