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Definition:The click-to-call (or click to dial) is a form of web-based communication, which allow users to initiate a VoIP call easily by just clicking on an image or text.
This telecommunication feature is very useful especially on online shops, because the customers are able to contact the support or sales people with a single click.
A similar feature to the click-to-call is the click-to-chat, which allow users to chat with the desired person by just clicking to a link.

Mizu click-to-call solution

The Mizu universal web phone package contains a ready to use click-to-call solution, which can be easily integrated into any webpage.
It can be customized after the customer needs, the below customizations are available:
- button color (for call and hang up states)
- text displayed on the button (for call and hang up states)
- button width, height and corner radius
- chat window default state: open or collapsed
The styling can be further customized from click2call.css located in css/click2call/ folder.

Our webphone package contains also a demonstration, how to convert phone numbers to clickable links. (check the linkify_example.html from the webphone package)

Benefits of the click-to-call:
- it offers for your webpage visitors a fast and easy way to contact the support or sales team
- click-to-call is available 24/7
- there is no any need to remember phone numbers
- increases your business credibility

More details about click to call can be found here and in the webphone documentation.