JavaScript Softphone -short description

The Mizu JavaScript phone is a simple plugin that you can use to add VoIP capabilities for your website.
All you need is a little JavaScript knowledge. You don't need to know anything about VoIP.
In case if you have your own VoIP server, then we recommend to use our webphone product and not this service.

Click to Call is the easiest way for website visitors to reach your sales or customer support team. With the click of a button, Mizutech can connect your agents with website visitors.  Incorporating Click to Call software on your website provides an easy way for visitors to reach out to your company, order from the website, and get answers to questions when time is critical.


Usage examples

  • Click to call functionality on any webpage
  • VoIP enabled support pages where people can call your support people from your website
  • Social networking websites
  • Buy/sell portals
  • Social networking websites
  • As a portable communication tool between company employees
  • Call me button on your webpage
  • Callback and phone to phone calls
  • VoIP enabled sales when customers can call agents


How it works

1. Signup
You can create more than one separate accounts or just create one single account and use the "add devices" form on your control panel. One username/password combination have to be used with your click to call webphone. Others can be used for your own needs, such as receiving the web calls in your VoIP softphone. You can use any third party sip device / softphone to receive the incoming web calls or download one of our preconfigured softphone (available for Windows, iPhone and Android).

2. Add the phone javascript to your webpage
Copy-paste html/javascript code to your webpage. You can use our skins as is or modify them after your needs (or create your own with simple html/css). A "call me" button will appear (or a full dialer with keypad ...or any other after your requirement. The interface is customizable)
Use the api key 1234 for test calls limited to 15 seconds. Purchase your own key for the full functionality.

3. Your visitors now can make (or receive) VoIP calls from their browsers.
The calls are routed to a predefined number (or more numbers with ring-groups or call forwarding).
This means that the call can be routed to an IP phone (softphone or any VoIP device) or directly to a mobile/landline phone.
Calls to IP phones are free. Call to mobile/landline is charged with the cheap rates when originated from VoIP. For these you will have to add some credit to your account.
You can also set call forwarding: the calls are routed to an IP phone if the phone is online. Otherwise it can be re-routed to the user mobile or land-line phone.



  • free calls to any VoIP device or softphone
  • no VoIP or web knowledge is required
  • instant availability (boost your sales)
  • calls can be routed to VoIP (free) but also to your landline or mobile phone (call forwarding: always, on busy, on no answer)