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Publishing MizuDroid

Before ordering your branded build, please

Mizutech support needs the following details for the customization:

  • Brand name
  • Company name
  • Icon
  • Company web URL (if you need a link to your website from the app)

The followings are optional and applicable only if your VoIP server is not from Mizutech (otherwise we already know these details):

  • SIP server domain name or IP address
  • One or two test accounts
  • Direct link to enduser control panel if you have a web login portal for the users
  • HTTP API (if your server has this feature) for:
    • Balance request
    • Rating request
    • SMS
    • callback
    • phone to phone call
    • pincode recharge

Many more customizations are available if you use the online softphone builder service.

Once you get your own branded Android softphone, you can immediately publish it on the Android market as is. Publishing the softphone on the market is easy and will take only around 15 minute of your time.

More details:
General softphone customization
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