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Callshop tutorial

-Callshops (callshop owner users) can be created by the softswitch administrators using MManage. Callshops are represented as simple "Endusers" in the Mizu softswitch

-Callshop owners will have to use the web enduser interface to manage their callshops and to create new "cabins". Cabins are represented as "Sub-Endusers" in the Mizu softswitch

-Callshop users can use any VoIP client to initiate calls (including IP phones, ATA, Mizu softphone, webphone or any third party SIP client)


Before to create calshops you should read at least the softswitch tutorial to become familiar with the main concepts regarding your softswitch (users, routing, billing, etc)


You can create callshop owners in the same way as you create normal endusers:

From MManage -> Users and devices form, create a new Enduser and assign any credit if you need it to be a prepaid user.

Then switch to the Functions tab and check the "Is Callshop" checkbox. This way you have turned the account to a Callshop owner account.


Callshop cabins are "Sub-Endusers". You can create those from MManage or the Callshop owners can create them from their web user interface.


The web user interface acts differently for different type of users. When a callshop owner will login (with its username-password combination what you have set from MManage) then he will see a callshop specific user interface where there is the possibility to add new cabins (sub-endusers) and monitor the callshop activity in real time (cabins in use, not paid calls, etc).

You can fine-tune the webpage if you login as an Admin user to the web user interface (MManage -> Users and device -> select Admin and use an existing account or create a new one).

There are two different user interface for the callshop monitoring. You can switch them with the "Callshop cabin view" checkbox from the Portal settings page.