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General softphone customization


The Mizu webphone and softphone are available for all the the popular platforms with a long list of customization options. The customization related options presented here applies to our Browser webphone, Windows softphone, Android softphone, iPhone softphone and Symbian dialer. The softphones will be fully branded for you with no mentions, links or texts pointing to Mizutech.

Please answer the followings (for as many points as possible) for the proper customization/branding and send us by email:
Entries with brown are not needed if your Softswitch is also from Mizutech.

Important settings:

  • Brand name (name of the softphone)
  • Company name (can appear on the About box, installer, etc)
  • Company web site URL where you are advertising your VoIP services if any
  • For webphone only: your web domain(s) where you will host the webphone files
  • The address of your VoIP server (IP and/or domain name)
  • A valid SIP account on your server (for test)

Optional settings:

  • Logo (gif or png with transparent background)
  • Icon -.ico file- for the windows softphone if any
  • Icon for the mobile softphone (high quality large icon 1024x1024) if any
  • Webphone only: Your web domain (The address or URL where you will host the webphone. You can send multiple domains)
  • Link (URL) to user control panel -enduser account access (if you have)
  • Balance and rating http requests (if your softswitch has a HTTP API for these)
  • Credit recharge page (Link to a page where the user can recharge its credit if you have. Example: www.mycompany/recharge)
  • Callback, phone to phone and SMS services (if your server has a HTTP API for these)
  • New user signup link (API or direct link to your webpage where new accounts can be created)
  • Other server API you might need?
  • Any link in the menu (text and URL to open)
  • Footer / header text if you wish
  • Service support email address (email address of your VoIP support)
  • Support page (Direct link to support page displayed on the help menu. Example: www.mycompany/support)
  • Help and license page if any (URL)
  • Advertisement display (URL) if any
  • AdMob settings (optional if you are using AdMob)
  • For iphone only (required by the App Store):
    •     Application description
    •     Keywords
    •     Support email address
    •     Support URL
    •     Application URL (this can be also your homepage)
    •     Your paid ($99) developer (iTunes) account login:

Please note that extra requests above these might increase the software cost.

Customization process:

During the customization process the softphone parameters will be fine-tuned for your server (including codec settings, registrations, presence, dtmf and other settings).

For the windows softphone we will deliver the installer.

For the browser webphone we will deliver the lib with skin templates, latest documentation and usage examples so you can just copy-paste into your website and optionally further customize after your needs by editing the skin or changing the parameters.

For Android we will send the bundle and apk file which then you can upload to the Google Play (Android Market). This is an easy process and will cost you $99 one time payment to create your own Google Play developer account (contact us anytime if you have any difficulties with this process).

For iPhone you will have to open an iTunes account and send us your credentials. The softphone will be uploaded by us (otherwise it would became a more complicated process). Details here.

For the Symbian dialer we will send the sis or sisx installer. Please note that we provide the Symbian dialer "as is" and its support is discontinued (no new versions will be released).


We can send you all softphones within a few hours on your order.
iPhone upload can take 3 weeks due to the slow Apple approval process in the App Store.


The online softphone builder service have been released with many more customization capabilities.
Now you can customize and build your branded softphone whenever you wish, with your preferred settings.

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