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Windows softphone customization

For the  MizuPhone Windows PC softphone customization the following details are required:

Note: entries with brown are needed only if your Softswitch is NOT from Mizutech.

Important settings:

  • Brand name (name of the softphone)
  • The address of your VoIP server (IP or domain name)
  • A valid SIP account on your server (for test)
  • Company web site URL where you are advertising your VoIP services if any
  • Your company name if any (can appear on the About box, installer, etc)

Optional settings:

  • Logo if you have (gif or png with transparent background)
  • Icon if you have (.ico file)
  • Balance and rating http requests (if your softswitch has a HTTP API for these)
  • Link to user control panel (if you have)
  • List of the features that have to be removed
  • Any link in the menu
  • Default language
  • Default background color
  • Service support email address
  • Start page URL (you can display a start page for the users)
  • New user signup link (A direct link to your webpage where new accounts can be created)
  • Support page (Direct link to support page displayed on the help menu. Example: www.mycompany/support)
  • Credit recharge page (Link to a page where the user can recharge its credit Example: www.mycompany/recharge)
  • SMTP settings (email server address, username, password) if you wish to enable the email features (otherwise the built-in Mizutech email server account can be used)
  • Advertisement display (link to a html or image file. if you use an image, then please send also an URL which will be opened when the user will click on the advertisement)
  • Auto-upgrade (URL where you can store files for further upgrades)


During the customization process the softphone parameters will be fine-tuned with your server (including codec settings, registrations, presence and dtmf settings)


The price for the branded version is $1500 including all features with unlimited usage.

Contact with your request.

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