MizuDroid Android Softphone -Short Description

MizuDroid is an unlocked VoIP softphone for Android mobile phones and tablets based on open standards, compatible with all VoIP providers, software and devices using the SIP protocol.

Initiate and receive free or low cost international calls via your preferred VoIP providers, PBX or your own SIP server. Mizudroid will deliver the best possible call quality for your environment by automatically adapting to your device/network/server and peers capabilities, ranging from HD audio to low bandwidth codecs and fine tuned media parameters.

For VoIP service providers we offer customized builds and integration with existing infrastructure.

The SIP softphone for Android has a small footprint but comes with a full feature set suitable for business usage with a long list of branding and customization options. MizuDroid works seamlessly with other Mizutech server and client side solutions, as well as with enterprise and carrier infrastructure equipment like Asterisk (and it's derivatives such as FreePBX, PIAF, Elastix), Audiocodes, Cisco, CounterPath, Voipswitch, PortaBilling and others. Similar to CSipSimple, Zoiper, 3CX and SIPDroid but focuses to fulfill VoIP service provider requirements such as extra business features, integration, customization and of course high call quality.

MizuDroid is free for non-commercial use. Search for "MizuDroid" in the Google Play (Android Market) from your phone or visit the link below.

Free Android softphone download from Google Play

Customized Android softphone for VoIP service providers


  • Based on Mizutech high performance SIP client and media stack
  • VoIP calls with auto QoS using the SIP protocol standards (both incoming and outgoing calls)
  • Connects directly to your preferred VoIP server (any SIP compatible server, softswitch or PBX)
  • Android OS: all versions above 4.0 (covering 100% of the current market)
  • Device support: all devices with at least a 200 MHz ARM processor and 128 MB RAM (covering 100% of the current market)
  • Connection: all networks: WiFi or mobile GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G (all above 12 kbits, including VPN connections)
  • Transport protocols: UDP, TCP, TLS (SIPS), HTTP, VPN (with VoIP tunneling and encryption)
  • Push notification support direct to SIP server or via FCM gateway
  • Built-in tunneling and encryption (for both the signaling and the media. optional)
  • Peer to peer encrypted media (can be disabled)
  • Audio codec: G.711 (PCMU and PCMA), OPUS, G.729, GSM, Speex, iLBC, HD Audio/wideband
  • RTC Video codec: H.264, VP8
  • Automatic fine-tuning (including codec selection) depending on your peer capabilities, network speed and CPU power
  • AEC (acoustic echo canceller), Denoise filter, AGC (automatic gain control), PLC (packet loss concealment), Silence suppression, audio focus
  • Multiple accounts
  • Multiple simultaneous calls
  • Detailed or simple configuration
  • System phone-book, profiles, contact list synchronization, presence and BLF
  • Favorites, speed-dial
  • Call history and voice call recording
  • Native call integration (optional)
  • Balance and rating display, call timer, status logs, detailed logs
  • Speakerphone, Mute and Hold
  • IM, SMS, file transfer, offline messaging, group chat
  • DTMF (NTE RFC 2833 / RFC 4733, SIP INFO or in-band), USSD
  • NAT/Firewall support, stable SIP and RTP ports, auto QoS, light STUN protocol and auto configuration
  • Call park, call waiting, pickup, 3PCC
  • Call transfer (attended and unattended) and call forward
  • Conference calls (built-in RTP mixer and transcoding when necessary)
  • Calling-card support
  • Dial plan rules
  • DNS SRV record lookups, backup server support
  • Android 13 (API level 33+) optimizations while keeping full backward compatibility back to Android 4 (works well also on ancient phones)
  • RFC’s: 2543, 3261, 2976, 3892, 2778, 2779, 3428, 3265, 3515, 3311, 3911, 3581, 3842, 1889, 2327, 3550, 3960, 4028, 3824, 3966, 2663, 3022 and many other SIP related RFC and drafts
  • signaling and media engine is based on Mizutech’ proprietary next-gen SIP/RTP stack with ultra low memory consumption
  • Handle incoming calls while device in sleep/dosing/idle (with push notifications or running as service if push is unavailable)
  • Custom features, customization, auto-provisioning, preset settings, AdMob integration, other server integration (optional)
  • Branding and customizations for VoIP service providers, callcenters and other telecom/communication related companies or individuals


What is an Android softphone?

An android softphone is a software program for android devices allowing users to connect to a VoIP server and make calls to other VoIP users or to landline and mobile networks usually for lower prices than the native GSM calls.



Fee Edition
The free softphone can be downloaded from Google Play Store for personal usage.

Pro Edition
The Pro version ads more features such as G.729 and auto tunneling/encryption and it can be used also for commercial purposes or by companies.
Download from Google Play Store and upgrade to pro version by paying $39 via PayPal. You can order it from HERE and on your payment you will receive a license key by email within one work-day.

Customized Softphone
We provide fully customized and branded softphone for companies.
The customization options can be found here or you might check our All-In-One Softphone offer.
You can also customize and build the softphone yourself from here.

We also provide Android SIP library for developers.

Customization and branding

The MizuDroid Android softphone includes features specifically designed for business and enterprise users, including:

  • Customization / branding / integration
  • ITSP/Operator/Enterprise Features
  • Extra options, all voice codec's including HD audio
  • Optional tunneling and encryption
  • Mizutech support services

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