The Mizu SIP/H.323/WebRTC signaling and media stack is a result of our 10+ years of work and experience in VoIP.

The SIP/H.323/WebRTC protocol stack provides all necessary SIP, SDP and RTP functionality, such as encoding, sending, parsing and receiving SIP messages, managing SIP transactions and ensuring reliability.

The server side libraries were written with throughput and stability in mind, while on the client side the compatibility is our first priority.

The client SIP stack is currently available on the following platforms:
    -Java VoIP SDK
    -VoIP SDK for Windows includes a full features SIP stack for Windows OS
    -C++ for Windows including both server and client libraries: SIP client module
    -Cross-platform client libraries (java applets and applications for web): VoIP applet
    -Android: a pure java implementation with some optional native (C/JNI) modules: Android VoIP SDK
    -VoIP Tunnel client for windows/mac/linux (old version)

The server sip stack is based on MS-SQL database backend (necessary for advanced features such as VoIP Billing)