VoIP services for retail and business

Mizutech VoIP service is a reliable VoIP solution for residential, business users or SIP trunking.
Use your existing internet connection to make free VoIP calls or international calls with local tariff rates.


  • free VoIP account and free VoIP voice and video calls
  • no contract and no monthly fee; no connection or activation fees, no taxes, no hidden charges
  • up to 10 free line and unlimited free calls between users
  • unlimited lines for SIP trunking or corporate accounts
  • over 40 calling features included (call recording, forwarding, transfer, conference and many others)
  • uptime: at least 2 separate route for all destinations guarantees maximum service availability
  • quality: we use only high quality premium routes

How it works?

  1. Create one (or more) free account here
  2. Use any SIP device to make free calls between your devices or with other Mizutech users
  3. Add credit to your account to be able to make cheap calls to any mobile or landline numbers worldwide

How can I make VoIP calls?

Use any SIP device to make phone calls (softphones, hardware phones, ATA, gateways).
You need to enter the following settings:

  • SIP Domain/Address: voip.mizu-voip.com
  • SIP username: your account username
  • SIP password: your account password
  • All other settings can be left unchanged with default values

For your convenience we have created preconfigured VoIP softphone fine-tuned for our VoIP service:

  • Webphone (type your username/password to login)
  • Windows softphone (type your username/password to login)
  • Symbian softphone (type "mizu" for the server setting and then your username/password)
  • Android softphone or search for "MizuDroid" in the Google Play (type "mizu" for the server setting and then your username/password)
  • iPhone softphone or search for "MizuPhone" in the Apple App Store (type "mizu" for the server setting  and then your username/password)

Key features

  • free VoIP accounts
  • free VoIP calls
  • free video calls with any Video enabled device
  • low cost calls to any landline or mobile worldwide
  • pay only for your outbound calls; no recurring costs
  • instantly recharge your account by PayPal
  • access the service with any device (hardware phone, softphone, mobile, web)
  • real time call monitoring and history
  • call forwarding (always, on busy, on no answer)
  • conference calls (unlimited participants)
  • call transfer
  • SMS (easy to compose SMS messages from your PC's keyboard)
  • callback
  • P2P (enter two phone number and it will be interconnected with cheap VoIP costs)
  • file sharing, desktop sharing over VoIP