VoIP Push Notifications

Push notification is a server initiated message delivery mechanism where a notification is sent to an iOS/Android/Web/Other application.
Unlike pull notifications, in which the client must request information from a server, push notifications originate from a server.
The application can handle the incoming notification in different ways: displaying a system notification, displaying an in-app message, playing an audible alert, just waking up/launching the application or a combination of these actions.

VoIP Push notification is an elegant solution to wake up sleeping or closed applications on incoming SIP call or chat message thus protects the endusers against missed calls when the app is stopped by the user or by the OS. VoIP push notifications are fully supported across all our software and we can provide push notification support also for third-party solutions such as your existing SIP server.

The main advantage of VoIP push notifications is that there is no need to run the apps in the background anymore, saving CPU and battery and obtaining better availability for incoming call or text messages.

VoIP push notifications support:
  • Proxy: push notification support for your existing SIP network by using the MPUSH proxy
  • Server: all our servers has push notification support, including the VoIP Softswitch and the IP-PBX
  • SBC/Gateways: both our SBC and SIP gateway has included push notification supports
  • Softphone: all our softphones comes with built-in push notification support
  • SIP SDK: all our SIP SDK and libraries comes with built-in push notification support

With Push Notification, users of Mizu server/SBC/gateway can receive real-time notifications about incoming calls or text message even when the SIP phone application is inactive.
You can easily add push notification support for any SIP server using the Mizu VoIP Push Notification Gateway.

Contact us if you are interested to add push notification support for your existing SIP server (IP-PBX or Softswitch) or SIP client application/softphone (Web, Android, iOS or other platforms)