Click-To-Call -in all possibile ways

     We offer a wide range of click to call and related technologies implemented by a variety of unique software solutions. Mizutech is the only provider offering both client (desktop and web) and server side solutions to achieve click to call in all possible ways.

     The Mizutech VoIP server and all our VoIP clients support "click to call" usage in many ways.  
     The webphone is especially focuses on VoIP click to call capabilities available from any browsers.
     Click-to-call is also sometimes referred to as "click-to-talk" "click2call" "click-to-dial" "click-to-connect" and "call me now button", although these terms can have different meanings.
     Click-to-call is a service which lets users click a button and immediately speak with a customer service representative or interconnect two or more telephone "line". The call can either be carried over VoIP, or the customer may request an immediate call back by entering their phone number. One significant benefit to click-to-call providers is that it allows companies to monitor when online visitors change from the website to a phone sales channel. Click To Call is the solution for all site owners that like to offer a free phone call to their visitors.

    The advantage over other proprietary solutions is that these are true VoIP calls that will work with any phones (voip terminals, softphones, your mobile or landline number) through any telecom service provider. For example you can receive the incoming calls on your VoIP phone or softphone (free calls) and if you are away, then the call can be automatically forwarded to your mobile or to another landline number.

Click to call

Click-to-call (CTC) is the process of converting web-based traffic into direct telephony communication between an end user and some other entity. CTC originates out of the older PC2PC telephony whereby a client is downloaded onto your own personal computer to "talk" to the same client downloaded into the other party's PC for the conversation.
It’s as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. A web visitor clicks your link.
  2. The web visitor’s phone rings.
  3. Your phone rings too and the two parties are connected.


Callback occurs when the originator of a call is immediately called back as a response to an initial action.
In case of Mizu VoIP server this action can be one of the followings:

  • ring a phone number (callback service by access numbers often called as ANI/DID callback or Pinless Callback)
  • click on a web URL (called Web Callback)
  • sending an SMS message (called as "SMS callback")
  • custom actions created by using the Mizu VoIP server APIs

Phone to phone

Phone to phone calls are like callback calls, but in this case the mizu server will create a phone to phone session by calling back two phone numbers and connecting the 2 numbers into one session.

Integrating Click-To-Call in Browsers

  With the mizu webphone you can let your users  initiate VoIP calls without the need to download any software. The webphone can be easily integrated in any website allowing users to explore all the VoIP functionalities offered by your VoIP server.
  Click-to-Call turns website clicks into phone calls, by making it simple for customers to 'call me now'. Our Click-to-Call service will help users to reduce website abandonment, increase lead conversion and improve online marketing analytics.

Integrating Click-To-Call in Desktops

By installing the Mizu Softphone, users will be enabled to click on any SIP URI presented in their web browsers. The functionality is very similar to Skype  buttons and links but has all the advantages of the standard VoIP protocols.

Click call solution

Click Call allows you to initiate a telephone call from any internet application. Click Call links your phone to the internet. Allow callers to reach you worldwide with a click!

Call to me HTML button

Copy-paste code on your website to add a skyple like button with easy access by your visitors.
Implemented as a webphone (compact mode) or via server side P2P call (2 call leg interconnect)

Click-to-Dial solution

Allows callers to click a number on their computer screen to initiate a call. Many enterprises are beginning to integrate VoIP Click-to-Dial capabilities with personal information managers such as Microsoft Outlook.

There are a number of different ways to implement "Click-to-call" functionality, which allows you to dial a phone number without actually dialing it. The convention for these scripts is to tell Asterisk to call your extension, wait for you to answer the call, and when you do, initiate a new call to the destination number.

Convert numbers to click to call links

If you wish to turn all phone number on your own website to clickable links, then you can use the webphone click to call module for this. Check the "Linkify" example.
If you wish to turn phone numbers from all websites to clickable links on your desktop, find a description here: convert phone numbers to click to call

SMS callback characteristics

  1. Authorization by CallerID or by user/password (PIN) sent in SMS content
  2. Registering phone number for ANI authorization (Caller ID) through the web site or by sending SMS with PIN
  3. Registering ANI (CallerID) by dialing a special service number which prompts for PIN, after entering correct PIN the CallerID is being saved
  4. Support for multiple ANIs (Caller IDs) per account
  5. Integrated Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)
  6. Assigning particular language to the access number of a particular service
  7. Voice information on the current account balance (depending on the settings, this information can be provided during each connection with the system or by dialing previously defined number)
  8. Max call duration announcement
  9. Possibility of dialing another destination phone number without having to trigger the callback service again
  10. Adding funds to the account by entering recharge PIN on the web site, sending the PIN by SMS or by recharging IVR scenario
  11. Fast access to the particular number by using speed dial (short numbers associated to phone book entries), previously defined by the user through the Enduser web portal, by SMS command or by a softphone

Implementation using Mizu VoIP server

To implement these functionalities with the Mizu VoIP server, you can use any of these methods:

  • Using standard SIP URIs
  • Pinless callback with A number authentication
  • Initiating callbacks and phone to phone calls from the built-in IVR
  • Using the built-in console functions
  • Using the HTTP API
  • Using the Database API
  • Using the SMS callback method

Additionally you can achive click to call functionality using our desktop softphones or directly from your website using the webphone (compact mode).

More details about click to call can be found in this wiki article.

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