VoIP Softswitch

Mizu SIP Server

Easy to use, robust and scalable VoIP softswitch for the MS Windows platforms.Download SIP server basic edition

Suitable from small businesses to enterprise grade VoIP carriers and ITSPs.
Its high call density (up to 8000 simultaneous calls on a single instance with endless scaling capabilities), sophisticated Learn more about Mizu SIP Serverrouting, rich featured and robust SIP, H323 and WebRTC stack will help you to become a competitive company on the VoIP market. Usable for broadband VoIP services, retail business platform, wholesale termination, SBC or as a calling card server including LCR/BRS/load balancing, IVR, prepaid/postpaid VoIP billing, unlimited resellers and callshop options, SIP load balancer, WebRTC to SIP, presence/IM service, SMS, callback, phone to phone, conferencing and many other modules.

The all in one VoIP software package contains all software needed by VoIP service providers for a successful business on today telecom market: the softswitch with all modules including built-in VoIP tunneling/encryption and various client side software for resellers and customers (web interface, customized softphone, webphone and mobile dialers). The package contains support services from Mizutech including installation, configuration, training, monitoring and help in all issues related to your VoIP business. We also offer hosted VoIP softswitch services so you can forgot about the technical details and focus on your business.

WebPhone -Browser SIP client

Mizu Web SIP Phone The Mizu VoIP webphone will connect to your SIP server directly from client browser, allowing native SIP/RTP calls using various engines (WebRTC, NativDownload webphone packagee browser plugin/service, Java, Flash and others) to offer maximum OS/browser coverage, always using the most optimal engine, based on admin/user preferences and browser capabilities.
  Learn more about webphone
The webphone works on both desktops and mobiles, compatible with all mainstream OS (Windows, Linux, MAC, iOS and Android) and all popular browsers (Firefox, Edge, IE 6+, Chrome, Safari, Opera and others) unlocking new possibilities for VoIP vendors by offering native like voice quality from web.
It can be VoIP Hosting orderused as a turn-key solution (ready to use fully customizable softphone and click to call) or as a JavaScript library to build your own custom web VoIP solution.


VoIP SoftPhone

Professional SIP Softphone
Mizutech offers cutting edge VoIP client software covering the needs of individuals and companies.
All softphones comes with a long list of features supporting all the common SIP related standards and a wide range of codec support including G.729 and wideband HD audio designed to seamlessly work with any SIP network including advanced NAT bypass capabilities.

Three different softphone series:

  • Free softphones for non-commercial usage. Downloadable from our website or from the app stores
  • Professional softphones for a small fee with extra features
  • Customized softphones for VoIP service providers and other organizations. Branded and fully customized with unlimited license

The softphones are available for all the popular platforms:

SIP Library

SIP Library
Create your custom SIP client or add VoIP into any app using the SIP libraries.
Compact and flexible libraries are available with a list of feature covering all your VoIP related requirements, including voice/video calls, IM, DTMF, presence, streaming, transfer, conference and many more.

  We provide SIP libraries/SDK's for all the popular platforms:



Call from browsers to your SIP softswitch.
Our WebRTC-SIP solutions provides painless WebRTC to SIP protocol conversion for all circumstances.
We offer a cutting edge WebRTC client solution as well as server side WebRTC solutions such as WebRTC-SIP gateways.
Contact us with all your WebRTC/SIP related requirements.

Hosted VoIP

Get started with your VoIP instance within a matter of minutes.VoIP Hosting order
The Mizutech VoIP hosting platform is a turnkey managed VoIP system including all the popular modules from the "All-in-one" VoIP solution such as sophisticated routing, billing, IVR, call-recording and many others with an easy to use admin interface. We provide high quality hosting with preconfigured and fine-tuned servers and constant 24/7 service monitoring.

Migrate to Mizutech cloud today and benefit from the lowest TCO while keeping full ownership on your data; export/import/migrate at any time to/from any platform.

VoIP solutions

Mizu SIP ServerVoIP tunneling and encryptionDownload SIP server basic edition

Learn more about Mizu SIP ServerThe Mizutech VoIP tunneling and encryption offers a complete solution to secure your VoIP network.
Powerful, reliable VoIP tunneling server to handle the VoIP encryption transparently without any change in your infrastructure. Bypass all kind of firewalls and VoIP filtering. Client-side software are also included in the package (customized softphone, webphone, mobile dialers and tunnel client for third party devices)

Call CenterBuy Mizu Callcenter

Learn more about Mizu Call Center

Ideal for outgoing telemarketing or for incoming support calls with campaign based lucrative outbound, inbound and blended operation.
No any additional software of hardware required (voip server + CRM database + voip client with CRM interface is included)
Powerful server with predictive dialer and rich IVR support combined with easy to use database.  Smart voip client with fully customizable GUI and scripts.

We also offer various other VoIP solutions such as PBX for Windows, SIP SBC, SIP Load Balancer, SIP Push notification gatewayIVR, transcoding, call recording and more.

VoIP Software Development and Consulting

SIP application developmentWe are offering custom development services in VoIP related fields like custom features, scalable VoIP architecture, VoIP SDK, SIP stack development, VoIP stresstest tools, Java SIP SDK, SIP SDK for Windows, Android SIP library, SIP load balancing and platform optimizations, RTP mixers, WebRTC deployments, custom IVR, integration services, wholesale platform, high load voip server deployments, voip - CRM integration and many other VoIP/SIP/H.323/WebRTC related development.Learn more about VOIP development
Contact us if you need assistance on building your VoIP network or choosing the right VoIP equipment's for your needs.