Mizu Call Center

  • Ideal for outgoing telemarketing or for incoming support calls.
  • No any additional software or hardware required. Everything you need in a single pack: (VoIP server + CRM database + VoIP client with CRM interface is included)
  • Powerful server with predictive dialer and rich IVR support combined with easy to use database.
  • Smart VoIP and CRM client with fully customizable GUI and scripts.
  • Campaign based lucrative outbound, inbound and blended operation.

    MizuTech Callcenter can handle huge amount of inbound and outbound traffic, in a secure, reliable way. The Mizu call-center combines maximum efficiency with easy to use and intuitive interfaces. Separate campaigns can be set up; each of them running separately assigned scripts with graphical user interface for both the operators and the supervisors. By defining quotas, you can restrict your calls to well defined target groups (called clients). All the call-center related statistics can be viewed in real-time. One of the features of the callcenter is predictive dialing. To restrict the operator wait times, the calls can be prepared on the server side and dropped to operators when they are waiting for it.
    A separate application is used by call center operators as a sip client and database frontend, the MAgent application. It has a simple VoIP client window where the operators are free to make calls to any number presented in the central database, it can handle automatic calls (will handle calls automatically if the operator is part of a campaign) and it features automatic software upgrade, refreshing itself whenever new features are deployed.
    The Mizutech company has a decade of experience in the field of voice over IP communications, and a broad range of experience with many VoIP related products and have proven their reliability at numerous companies.

Included software:

  • VOIP softswitch: class5 grade full featured VOIP server
  • Database backend
  • CRM solution
  • Operator/agent client software
  • Supervisor management: All in one configuration and statistics.


  • Rich client with integrated CRM frontend and VoIP UA. Runs on Windows or Linux desktop
  • Incoming and outgoing campaigns
  • MS-SQL backend with all its advantages (widely known, easy interoperability, various backup and clustering solutions)
  • Server virtualization: completely different, separate call centers running on the same hardware
  • Assigned campaigns (different campaigns can run in the same time)
  • Predictive dialing
  • Customizable CRM
  • Rich scripting possibilities
  • Customized user interface for agents
  • Detailed statistics
  • Supervised call control with voice recording capabilities
  • Quota based dialer
  • Presentations and checklists
  • All in one remote configuration and statistics



Class 5 Features

  • Call Forward All/Busy/No Answer
  • Caller ID
  • RingGroups
  • Call Return
  • Call Waiting, Call Hold
  • Caller ID Block
  • Selective Caller ID Blocking/Unblocking
  • Speed Dial
  • Three-Way Calling, Conference support
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Call transfer  (Attended / Unattended)
  • IVR
  • Voicemail
  • DTMF transcoding on server side
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) supporting applications such as credit card and prepaid services
  • Video
  • T.38 fax relay

Call Center

  • Automatic Call Distribution: like simple automatic dialing, power dialing, predictive dialing, predictive intelligent dialing
  • IVR
  • Call Recording: All calls can be recorded and stored
  • Real time call check out: Supervisors can listen to the ongoing calls real time
  • PBX Features: Call hold, call wait, call transfer, call forward (conditional and unconditional), call conference, CLIP, CLIR
  • Customizable Scripts: script tree, with any number of branches, answers, and reason codes.
  • Customizable IVR: Any number of language, any number of branches, voice and faxmail, call transfer to the operators
  • Statistic generation: customer statistics, operator statistics, call related statistics, work time statistics, campaign statistics
  • Campaign creation: supervisors can create a campaigns
  • Invitation letter: customization, and automatic printing
  • Report generation: Specific hourly, daily and weekly reports


  • Centralized configuration and management for all software and hardware components
  • MManage:

-easy to use, mdi style
-almost every data query is parameterized with traffic direction and time
-all data in one place
-lots of data can be obtained from sl,asr,acl forms
-global system analysis

  • Create and edit network elements

  • Remote maintenance of mizu gateways
  • Display of system information
  • Service restart functions
  • Display of the current status of each gateway and channel
  • Real time call supervision (with many grouping options)
  • Real time channel supervision (with many grouping options)
  • Statistics (Text based and graphical ASR,ACD,SL, etc) on any traffic direction and time scale
  • Disconnect Reasons (with many grouping options)
  • CDR monitoring, retrieval, direct CDR access
  • Global system analysis!
  • Routing pattern selection
  • Routing time selection
  • Failovering (in case of channel, gateway, direction etc errors)
  • Best Route Selection
  • Billing module
  • Balance module
  • Real Time Capacity check
  • Ability to insert queries directly into the database
  • Blacklist filtering
  • Self-analysis tools
  • Detailed logging (multiple levels). Detailed call tracing capability
  • Call simulations
  • Reseller/Agent Registration and Management
  • Capacity and system load reports
  • And many more features!