Cloud VoIP service description

Cloud VoIP is a new paradigm in which cloud applications and cloud VoIP systems are located in secure data centers, and vendors can take responsibility for owning, configuring and managing them. Businesses connect to these applications through the Internet or private connections. The benefits of the cloud phone systems are plentiful.

The MizuCloud is a cloud hosted business VoIP service provider based on the Mizu All-In-One VoIP platform a leading-edge VoIP system that provides an integrated VoIP service that is dynamically scalable and designed for small- to enterprise-sized businesses and call centers. We deploy and manage effective telephony tools available to enable business communications to develop. The cloud model is the only way to provide the flexibility businesses need as their workforce becomes more distributed. There is a definite shift from the traditional onsite centralized VoIP to a virtual distributed VoIP systems. Business owners needs just check off boxes to turn features on and off which means that even the smallest businesses can server their VoIP users as a largest enterprise. It levels the playing field because the small business is not locked out of features because it is too expensive. The cloud makes it possible for the hosting provider to market to the
largest as well as the smallest customer.

MizuCloud services are ideal for organizations seeking a secure, managed business communications solution that requires no capital investment. The cloud phone system grows and scales as needed. So there’s never any worry about capacity limits, or being penalized for growth. There’s also no need to allocate resources for future software upgrades: updates to the hosted phone system are automatic and ongoing. The MizuCloud is a secure and feature-rich implementation of the Mizu All-In-One VoIP platform. By rethinking the VoIP security model from the ground up, MizuCloud was engineered to provide rock-solid security while delivering the most comprehensive collection of the Mizutech platform. This complete, carrier-grade solution allows service providers to reliably realize the benefits of a cloud-based model.

Our cloud based telephone systems give customers the flexibility to deploy the communications solution that meets their needs today, knowing that as those needs change, it can scale and grow – with little-to-no capital investment and no drain on IT resources. Customers also enjoy the peace of mind that accompanies going with a proven, reliable, and trusted industry leader.

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Pricing and order

Your custom VoIP service instance will be available within minutes on your order including pre-customized softphone if you also select this option.