Webphone pricing

Demo Basic Standard Advanced Gold
yes - - - -
Clients: 20 20 200 unlimited unlimited
Servers: 1 1 1 4 10+
Engines: all java
webrtc, java, NS all all
Features: advanced basic standard advanced all
Platforms: desktop desktop desktop desktop, mobile desktop, mobile
Email support: presales support 3 req. / 1 hour 6 req. / 3 hours 15 req. / 8 hours 30 req. / 16 hours
Dev. support: 0 0 1 hour
2 hours
4 hours
Upgrades: - - 1 year 2 years 4 years
Priority support: - - - yes yes, high
Price: $0 $500 $990 $1,990 $3,900
Pay with PayPal: Download Buy now Buy now Buy now Buy now
Credit-card: Download Buy now Buy now Buy now Buy now

All prices are in USD for life-time license (no any recurring payments).
We can also accept wire-transfer.
On payment we will deliver your webphone via email/download link within maximum one work-day.

It is important to realize that we are offering a "developer license" here. This means that you don't need a separate license for each of your users or servers, but you can handle all your needs with a single license by selecting the correct license type to cover all your needs (one license can be also used with multiple SIP servers, unlimited users, unlimited calls).
Also please note that usually we are not so strict with the included support and we often offer more then the terms listed in the above grid, but we reserve the rights to terminate the support after the included time or tickets are consumed (this might protect us from some customers abusing our support).

Field descriptions:
  • License:
    • Demo: downloadable from our website. can be used for all development, tests, integration before payment is made (with demo limitations)
    • Basic: for specific small installations in a controlled intraweb environment where java is always available (only the Java engine is included with the Basic version!)
    • Standard: for small business or others below 200 end-users to be used with one single SIP server including all the important engines
    • Advanced: unlimited usage (unlimited users and calls), support for multiple SIP servers (up to 4), all features, for VoIP service providers, callcenters and other companies (recommended for most use cases)
    • Gold: extra customization and features, dedicated support, support for multiple different SIP servers (10 or more)
  • Demo/trial: The public downloadable version has some limitations to prevent commercial usage such as max number of calls and max call duration limits
  • Clients: Max number of clients. The webphone can be used from X number of browsers at the same time (number of endusers). "Unlimited" means that there is no checks at all for the number of users, which means that theoretically you can use this license with millions of users, however please note that the number of simultaneous clients is also limited by your VoIP server(s) performance. A typical SIP server/Softswitch can handle around 100000 connected (registered) client and 2000 simultaneous calls.
  • Servers: Max number of VoIP servers. The webphone is restricted to be used with your own SIP server(s) to prevent unauthorized usage (the webphone files itself can be deployed to any web server or that can be also restricted for your convenience). Note: if you are using the webphone with multiple servers, then all servers must be owned by you (it is not allowed to bypass the webphone license for other companies, except if these companies are your customers such as using your VoIP service)
  • Engines: included VoIP engines (WebRTC, Java, NS, Flash, App, the more the better. The Standard license already covers the most important engines)
  • Features: number of features included such as conference, voice recording, video and others. The Standard license doesn't include some of the advanced features such as call recording, presence and video. Compare webphone features here.
  • MRTC: as a bonus we can also include a free MRTC gateway license with your webphone license. More details can be found here.
  • Platforms: whether you can use the webphone also on mobiles or desktop only
  • Email support: amount of level 1,2 support provided by email (max number of requests / max work-time). More about support can be read here.
  • Dev support: level 3 developer support
  • Upgrades: time period for which you receive the newest versions
  • Priority support: support wait-time and ticket prioritization
  • Price: cost of the license; all prices are listed in USD; one-time payment for lifetime license
  • PayPal: Pay with PayPal if you have a PayPal account, but you can use also for credit card
  • Credit-card: pay with credit card via Share*It payment gateway
  • Delivery: by email/download in maximum one work-day on payment

For accounting/invoicing please send your company details to us (name, address, reg/vat/tax or other id, EU registered VAT number if your company is in EU).

Note: if you pay with Credit-Card via ShareIt then the initially displayed price might include VAT. That should disappear once you enter your country and/or VAT number (for EU companies).

Other payment options

Contact us: webphone@mizu-voip.com

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