Mizu Call Shop -short description

The Mizu Callshop solution is integrated with the Mizu Softswitch or can be purchased separately. From Mizutech you can have all the VoIP software to start call shops / internet cafes and provide high quality low-cost phone calls to your customers anywhere in the world. Service providers can manage multiple callshops with Mizutech All-in-One solution.

Call shop software included

Main features

  • Simple to setup, simple to use, robust and reliable operation with the best possible call quality (depending on your carriers and network connections)
  • Up to 8000 simultaneous call with one server instance (a limited edition with up to 100 ports is available with low price)
  • One server can handle up to 3000 callshops
  • One call shop can have up to 300 cabins
  • The callshop interface can be easily customized for the specific needs of the callshop owners
  • Compatible with most existing VoIP carriers
  • Statistics by date-time, source-destination, quality-price and many others
  • And more...

How it works

  1. Callshop owner will login with its username/password on your branded web user interface
  2. Customer visits the call shop and chooses a free phone booth (cabin) or a PC with softphone and dials the destination number
  3. The call is routed via the Mizu VoIP server to your termination party (carrier) or many of them with LCR or BRS selection algorithms
  4. While the customers is in call, the callshop owner (operator) will see it's status in real time and once the call is completed a CDR record is generated containing the call cost.