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Try Mizu Server

There are multiple ways to try our VoIP server. You can use one or more of the following methods to have a quick intro or a trough overview about the Mizu VoIP platform:

  • Hosted VoIP server. Just order a server and you will receive your own softswitch up and running within one hour. You don't need to pay anything for the order. (You might pay later if you are satisfied and wish to go ahead with our VoIP solution). From your order our support people can also learn your needs and will be able to further help you with all the configuration. We can also send you branded/customized softphones on your request.
  • Install the free Compact edition. If you have a Windows server or PC at your hand, download the free edition of the VoIP server and give it a try. This version comes with install and configuration wizard and a simplified user interface so you can quickly have a server up and running in minutes. The drawback is that with this free edition we can't provide any support and it's engine is not so robust, scalable and speedy as the full edition. Fine for small-business production usage but not recommended for Voip service providers with a high amount of traffic. However it still has most of the important features found in the commercial edition and it is truly limitless: there are no any maximum number of users, calls or ports limits and it is free for any non-commercial usage.
  • Try the full edition: download from here. This doesn't have an install wizard, however it has an easy to follow install guide. Unless the compact edition the freely downloadable version of this edition has a built-in usage limit of maximum 100 users and 10 simultaneous calls so you have all the full version features but with usage caps. On your order we can deliver your build without these limits within one work-day.
  • Quick try our hosted demo VoIP server. Please note that this is a public server and might be misconfigured by other users so we can't guarantee its usability all the time (we periodically reset it's configuration to the defaults). It is an easy way to have a quick check without to have your own server installed.
  • See some screenshots about the user interface.
  • Have a look at the built-in simple enduser's VoIP control panel. This is a simple show-case for the built-in webportal which can be easily integrated in any website offering a convenient control panel for your server users. Note that this is not the admin client. For administration the native MManage have to be used.
  • See a use-case. VoIP retail service provided by MizuTech.
  • We can also install the service on your own server and provide configuration, training and customization. Contact our support if you are interested.