Demo server

This demo server is useful to learn more about the Mizutech VoIP softswitch if you don't have your own (test) server yet. This service has almost all functionalities but the usage is limited. If you already have a Windows server then our support can install your own test server (free support) or you can try the compact VoIP installer.

Login with the admin client:

    1. Download and install the MizuManage remote management client to your PC (requires Windows OS)

    2. Launch and login with the following credentials:

  •  Server:
  •  Instance: demo
  •  Username: demo
  •  Password: demo

What you can do?

  • watch out the admin interface (statistics, configurations, etc)
  • work with the remote management client with admin rights (MizuManage)
  • change any configuration settings
  • make test calls (using the existing enduser accounts or create new ones)
    the SIP port is set to 37075 by default (in SIP clients you must set for the domain)
  • add/remove users,billing,routing,ivr,calling cards,etc
  • watch VoIP statistics and reports
  • check the built-in user webacces portal: VoIP Web Interface Login
    (use any enduser/reseller/callshop account)
  • try out the common tasks from the voip server tutorial
  • any other tasks as described in the Admin Guide

Register/connect with a SIP client:

You can use any SIP client / softphone for testing such as our softphone or any third party softphone like Zoiper, Linphone and others.
Use any valid SIP username/password to login from the MizuManage admin client "Endusers" form.
Example config:

  • SIP Domain:
  • SIP Username: 1111
  • SIP Password: 1111xxx

Demo server limitations:

  • periodic database reset (will clean all changes and data)
  • non standard ports (instead of 5060 for SIP and 80 for HTTP it is using 37075 for SIP and 9090 for HTTP, web and API)
  • disabled admin account
  • max users: 100
  • max concurrent calls: 10
  • max call duration: 10 minute
  • max calls/minute: 16
  • max call duration/day: 1000 minute
  • a few modules are disabled, such as H.323 and e-payment
  • some modules are disabled in this demo such as WebRTC, RTMP, H.323 (only the SIP protocol is enabled) and features such as TLS, TURN, payments, resellers or conference rooms.

 Contact support if you need a trial install on your own PC/server or on a separate server hosted by Mizutech.
 Install, configuration and training are free services offered by Mizutech support.
 Payment for the server software is accepted only after successful tests if you are satisfied about the results.