free SOFTSWITCH for windows

The Mizu VoIP Server Compact is a free professional softswitch for the Windows operating system with a long list of features including business modules such as pricing/billing and a convenient graphical user interface for administrators.
The server is powered by Mizutech Compact VoIP engine with an automated install and configuration wizard.

Despite its name, the Compact version doesn't mean that this is a simplified release. Actually it contains most of the commercial version features, but using an embedded database and simplified GUI to ease the usage. Use it as a simple SIP proxy, Softswitch or as an IP-PBX depending on your needs.
Features include: SIP, routing, billing, user management, voice calls, video calls, PBX features (hold, forward, transfer, conference and many more), rich codec support (including G.729, HD audio and many more), chat, unified communication, presence, DID, SMS, voice recording and many more.

The softswitch is meant to be used also by non-technical people featuring a comprehensive documentation and intuitive user interface for all the important settings.
This software is free for non-commercial usage and it can be used with up to 20 users, 5 simultaneous calls. For direct support or commercial usage we encourage you to upgrade to one of our commercial paid license. The commercial version uses a full external SQL engine and a robust scalable core suitable for any businesses with any amount of traffic.

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