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Softphone pricing

Please find the pricing for all our softphone below:

All-in-one software offer: includes all our softphone for $3900

Webphone: Advanced license: $2000. Other: pricing
Windows softphone: $1500
Android softpone: $1500
iOS softphone: $1500
Symbian: only as part of the all-in-one package

All prices are in USD and means one-time payment for life-time license with unlimited usage including the customization/branding.

The softphone customization includes the followings:

  • All modules and features from the retail full/pro versions
  • Unlimited usage with your VoIP server
  • Preconfigured server settings, so the users will have to type only username and password to begin the usage
  • Enable all codec (including G.729 and HD/wideband)
  • Tunneling and encryption setup (optional extra software)
  • Brand name, logo and icon
  • Balance and rating display (if your server has a http API for this)
  • Additional built-in links if needed: new user registration, direct link to user account, recharge URI or any link to your website
  • Integration with other features exposed by your server API (such as SMS, callback and phone to phone call)
  • Small changes in the settings if needed (changing default values, removing setting options or features)
  • Additional custom requests might involve extra costs.

How to proceed?

  1. We encourage you to check the software first and make sure that our software fulfills your needs. You can find demo or free version for all our softphone on their respective web pages.
  2. 30% of the cost have to be paid before to begin the customization work. You can find the payment methods here
  3. For the customization please answer the questions here
  4. Once we receive your initial payment and the customization details all softphone will be delivered within 4 workdays except the iOS softphone which takes longer (the AppStore upload process is time consuming)
  5. The remaining 70% of the payment have to be paid and then we will deliver a new final version with eventual changes based on your requests (if any)

Contact us at with any enquiry.