Windows SoftPhone CLASSIC

    Mizu Softphone (MizuPhone Classic) is a native VoIP softphone for Windos OS based on the open standard SIP protocol with an easy to use interface. With MizuPhone you can connect to any SIP (proxy and/or registrar) server on the public internet or on your local area network. In short: MizuPhone is an internet phone software to make real calls using your PC with extra features such as voicemail, chat and file transfer.
   The Mizu VoIP Softphone will integrate seamlessly with your desktop without disturbing you in your everyday work. While you are not in call or chat, it is listening in the background for incoming calls without any impact for your system performance (minimal RAM and 0% CPU usage). While in call, it can take full advantage of the hardware possibilities, by using the mizutech high-performance native SIP/media stack, offering the best possible call quality with minimized voice delay.

    MizuPhone is a free softphone for nonprofessional usage. Download softphone
    The professional version cost is $49. Free trial. 

key features

  • Clear quality VoIP voice calls
  • Small and efficient: does not rely on Java, Flash or .NET; written in native C++ with low cpu and memory requirements
  • Simple and intuitive user interface integrated with windows desktop
  • A long list of SIP standards are supported
  • Multiple profiles (multi-users) and multiple SIP accounts per user (up to 30)
  • Presence, instant messaging, SMS
  • Mute, hold, redial, transfer
  • Callback and phone to phone calls
  • File transfer and file sharing over VoIP (compatible with any SIP server)
  • Remote Desktop over VoIP (compatible with any SIP server)
  • Conferencing (built-in RTP mixer for up to 30 parties)
  • Local and remote Voicemail
  • Audio enhancements: Echo canceller (AEC), Automatic Gain Control (AGC), Voice Activity Detection (VAD), Packet Loss Concealment (PLC), automatic QoS, Noise Suppression
  • Transport protocols: UDP, TCP
  • DTMF (In-band, RFC 2833 and SIP INFO)
  • Audio Codecs: G711, G.722, G.723, G726, G729, GSM, iLBC, L16, Speex (wideband included)
  • Video Codecs: MJPG, MPEG1, MPEG4, Theora, H263, H264
  • Fax: T.38 and In-band
  • Softphone profile storage (WebDav, XCAP, FTP, HTTP)
  • Network handling: UPNP, fast STUN, firewall and NAT detection
  • History (with voice and video recording)
  • Balance/credit display
  • Built-in VoIP tunneling and encryption (optional)
  • Intelligent P2P based network path detection (can call other users even if the server is down)
  • Free Mizutech VoIP account (optional)
  • And many more...

SoftPhone versions

Basic Softphone

MizuPhone Basic is a free softphone for non-commercial usage.  Download free softphone

Advanced Softphone

The Mizu Advanced softphone contains all features and costs $49 for a life-time license.Purchase softphoneDownload advanced softphone
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Customized Softphone

We provide branded softphone for VoIP service providers.
The customization options can be found here or you might check our All-In-One Softphone offer.Order softphone


  • Small footprint, native performance with minimal CPU and RAM usage
  • Easy to use, automatic optimization for network, audio and PC configuration
  • Exceptional voice quality with media enhancements including AEC, AGC and denoise
  • Automatic network handling: UPNP, STUN, firewall, NAT detection and optional tunneling with encryption
  • The automatic network and local users discovery brings efficiency at your workplace
  • All common industrial and wideband codec is included
  • P2P calls. Your calls are always using the shortest path. Direct media routing whenever possible bypassing the VoIP server to reduce the media delay
  • Feature rich with unique modules such as scripting, call recording, file transfer or remote desktop over standard SIP/RTP and many others