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Customized Android softphone

We offer fully customized / branded android softphone for VoIP service providers and other businesses interested to increase their footprint on the VoIP market.

Pricing (one-time payment for lifetime unlimited license):
-Basic: $490 with up to 100 users and 10 simultaneous calls, basic feature set
-Standard: $990 with up to 1000 users and 100 simultaneous calls, standard feature set
-Advanced: $1500 with unlimited usage including:

  • All features from the retail version
  • Unlimited usage with your VoIP server
  • Preconfigured server settings, so the users will have to type only username and password to begin the usage
  • Brand name, texts, logo, icon, custom theme, company name, website URL and other branding options
  • Enable all codec, including G.729 and HD audio
  • Tunneling and encryption setup (optionally with the Mizutech tunneling service)
  • Integration with any existing web API such as balance/rating display, AdMob, push notifications, callback and SMS services
  • Additional links if needed: new user registration, direct link to user account, recharge URI and others
  • Mizutech Support and maintenance upgrades for 2 years
  • Long list of customizable options

Once we receive your customization request and (part of) the payment we will deliver the final softphone usually within one workday. Time to appear on the Google Play is a few hours.

More details and order

Our softphone offer for All platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Web)

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