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Webphone upgrade

For our old java applet based webphone customers:

The old java applet based webphone (websipphone) have been renamed to "VoIP Applet" and we will continue to fully support it in the foreseeable future. You can find it here: VoIP Applet
However, as its name implies, this software depends on Java (J2SE) which is becoming deprecated in Chrome, Firefox and other browsers (still supported well in IE).

The new universal webphone got the more generic "webphone" name and it is considered as a separate product since the only similarities with the old webphone is only one of its engines (the java one) among 4 other engines (WebRTC, Native, Flash and App). This new webphone also got a completely new API and new skins and doesn't depend on Java anymore.
Please note that you will need to buy a new license as there are no license upgrade path between the old java VoIP client and the new webphone. These are completely different software products.
Benefits over the old version:
  • Continuously updated: you don't depend on Java or any particular platform anymore as you will always receive the latest technologies for VoIP implemented/allowed by the browser vendors
  • Multiple built-in VoIP engines: WebRTC, browser plugin, Java, NS, NPAPI, Flash, App to maximize the availability, user-experience and quality and on all platforms
  • Truly cross platform. Will auto detect the "best" engine to use, thus it runs on all OS, all browsers, desktop and also on mobile (smartphones, tablets)
  • Java is not required anymore as the new webphone can use other technologies such as WebRTC, Flash or browser plugins (the Java engine is still available and can be used however it is auto-offered only in browsers where JRE is already installed)
  • Includes a WebRTC client engine (among others) highly optimized for SIP
  • Runs also in browsers where WebRTC is not supported like IE and Edge (using the built-in NS/Java/Flash engines)
  • Easy to use high-level JavaScript API
  • New user interface templates including a full featured web softphone user interface
  • New features such as video, file transfer, presence, PBX client functionalities and HD audio enhancements
  • Better and more flexible branding, customization and integration
  • Option to deliver customized/branded softphone skin (just notify us about this and send the customization details)
  • Future proof: as the new webphone is a modular software with plug-and-play VoIP engine architecture there is less change that you will ever need any other technology shift in the future (as it happened with the recent extinction of Java from the browsers)
If you are not interested in these features, you can safely keep your old webphone as it will be fully supported in the future and you can expect new versions with bug fixes and improvements. The only caveat is that Java is not supported anymore in recent Chrome versions and Oracle plans to discontinue applet support in the next year.

To ease the migration from the old java applet to the new universal webphone, we have implemented a compatibility layer so you can choose to either switch to the new (more easy to use and robust) API or keep the old API and usage style.
Have a look at the new webphone documentation first to understand it's usage.

If you choose to keep the old API, follow these steps:
1. The root folder of the new webphone is the folder, in which "webphone_api.js" and "softphone.html" files are located.
2. Copy the contents of the new webphone's root folder, in the same folder where the old webphone's .html file is (merge "images" and "js" folders, if asked upon copy process).
3. In the <head> section of the .html file, where the old webphone is, replace line:
<script type="text/JavaScript" src="js/wp_common.js"></script>"
with the following lines:
<script type="text/JavaScript" src="webphone_api.js"></script>
<script>webphone_api.parameters.issdk = true;</script>
<script type="text/JavaScript" src="oldapi_support.js"></script>
<script src="js/jquery-1.8.3.min.js"></script>

Note:  Don't remove or add any webphone related Javascript file imports.
"jquery-1.8.3.min.js " file will be imported twice, but that is how it supposed to be, in order for the upgrade to work correctly.

You can select a license plan and purchase from: here
We can deliver your webphone build within one work-day.

-VoIP Applet (the old java webphone)
-Webphone (the new universal webphone)
-Upgrade now (buy a license for the new webphone)

Contact us with any questions.