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Customized Android softphone

We offer fully customized / branded android softphone for VoIP service providers and other businesses interested to increase their footprint on the VoIP market.

Pricing (one-time payment for lifetime unlimited license):
-Basic: $490 with up to 100 users and 10 simultaneous calls, basic feature set
-Standard: $990 with up to 1000 users and 100 simultaneous calls, standard feature set
-Advanced: $1490 with unlimited usage including:

  • All features from the retail version
  • Unlimited usage with your VoIP server
  • Preconfigured server settings, so the users will have to type only username and password to begin the usage
  • Brand name, texts, logo, icon, custom theme, company name, website URL and other branding options
  • Enable all codec, including G.729 and HD audio
  • Tunneling and encryption setup (optionally with the Mizutech tunneling service)
  • Integration with any existing web API such as balance/rating display, AdMob, push notifications, callback and SMS services
  • Additional links if needed: new user registration, direct link to user account, recharge URI and others
  • Mizutech Support and maintenance upgrades for 2 years
  • Long list of customizable options
  • Now it is possible to customize and built it yourself from here

-A Gold license is also availabe to be used with multiple SIP servers/domains

Once we receive your customization request and (part of) the payment we will deliver the final softphone usually within one workday. Time to appear on the Google Play is a few hours.

More details and order

Our softphone offer for All platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Web)


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