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Convert numbers to click to call links

Solution to convert all phone numbers in browsers to clickable links (URL's) on your windows desktop (linkify):

You will need 2 software:

Download and install softphone for windows from here: win softphone
Install plugin for your browser:

  • For Chrome: Install URL Networks number2url. You might configure it with international profile (Chrome menu -> Settings -> Extensions)
  • For Firefox: Install Telify for firefox from here (or go to Firefox menu -> Addons -> Get Add-ons -> search for “Telify”).
Restart your browser and all numbers will be converted to clickable links. Just click to call.

Note for website owners:
(Read this only if you have a website where you wish to present phone numbers as clickable URL's)

If the user already have a VoIP client installed with it's own URI protocol set (sip:, tel:, skype:, other) then these protocols are automatically detected by browsers and converted to click to call links. If you have a website, just present all phone numbers as and anchor in protocol:number for this. More details.

If you are a website owner and wish to turn all phone number on your own website to clickable links (for your users without the need for them to install anything), then you can use the webphone click to call module for this. Check the "Linkify" example from the webphone download package. This has the advantage over the previous method that it will work even if the user doesn't have any VoIP client installed.

More details about click to call can be found here.