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WebPhone Feature Comparison Grid


Compare webphone features by license type:

Features Basic Advanced Gold
Max. nr. of users: 100 unlimited unlimited
Max. nr. of SIP servers: 1 4 10 or more
VoIP Engines: webrtc,native all all
Platforms: desktop                   desktop,mobile         desktop,mobile       
Branding: yes yes yes
In/out SIP calls: yes yes yes
Basic features (mute, re-invite, etc): yes yes yes
Advanced NAT traversal: yes yes yes
Caller-ID: yes yes yes
Chat: yes yes yes
SMS via API: no no yes
Redial: yes yes yes
Hold, transfer, forward: yes yes yes
Call park and barge-in: no no yes
Conference: no yes yes
Balance and rating display: no yes yes
Codec: +GSM,Speex +G.729,Opus All
Wideband/HD audio and stereo: no yes yes
DTMF: yes yes yes
Enhanced voice processing: yes yes yes
Voice recording: no yes yes
Encryption (TLS, SRTP, tunnel): no yes yes
P2P: no no yes
File transfer: no yes yes
Presence: no yes yes
BLF: no yes yes
Video: no yes yes
Screen sharing: no no yes
Multi-lines: yes yes yes
Multi-accounts: no yes yes
Contact management: no yes yes
Email support: 4 req. / 2 hours 10 req. / 5 hours 20 req. / 10 hours
Dev. support: no 1 hour 2 hours
Priority support: no yes yes, high
Upgrades: 1 year 2 years 4 years
License period: perpetual/life-time perpetual/life-time perpetual/life-time

See the documentation for the full list of features.

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