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Free MRTC license

As a bonus, we can bundle a free MRTC license with your webphone license.

MRTC is a full-featured and easy to manage WebRTC2SIP gateway.

In case if you use the webphone with its WebRTC engine and for some reason you need a local WebRTC gateway (for example if your SIP server is on local LAN and don’t have native WebRTC support or you wish to use a dedicated gateway), we can provide our WebRTC-SIP gateway software for free:
  • With the webphone Standard license you have access to our MRTC Basic license
  • With the webphone Advanced or Gold license you have access to our MRTC Standard license
  • This free offer is “as-is”, without additional support for MRTC. If you have a high volume of WebRTC calls and wish to handle that with our gateway, then we recommend to upgrade to a paid MRTC license.
  • Our free license is to be used with the webphone only (not with third-party WebRTC clients)
  • Please note that this is an optional component. The webphone works well also without WebRTC, or if you force the WebRTC engine for some reason, then it can use any WebRTC stack (such as your own softswitch WebRTC module or other third-party or open source gateways or our free WebRTC-SIP gateway service).
  • More details about how to handle WebRTC can be found in the webphone documentation "How to handle WebRTC?" FAQ.  If you are testing our webphone on a local LAN then you should also check the "Using the webphone on local LAN" FAQ.

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