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Compact vs Commercial Server

Both the Compact and Full/Commercial edition is suitable for production usage featuring an admin client with easy to use graphical user interface and with long list of feature set, based on open standards.

The followings are the main differences between our Compact and Full VoIP server editions:

Compact edition:

  • The free version comes with up to 20 users and 5 simultaneous calls limitation which can be extended or upgraded to the full version by purchasing a license
  • Automated install wizard and easy to use configuration wizard
  • Embedded database: easy to maintain but it is slower and not so robust then the database in the commercial edition
  • A few features are missing which depends on full database availability (Core features are not compromised, so you still have a full featured SIP server with routing, billing and all the goodies from the full edition)
  • Free for non-commercial usage
  • No direct support from Mizutech (no email or phone support, but you can still use all the resources such as the documentations, forum and others)

Full/Commercial edition:

  • LTS releases
  • External database: you can use the full version of the MS SQL server to achieve the best performance and availability
  • Robust and scalable core: a single instance capable to handle up to 10000 simultaneous fully routed B2B calls on today’s common legacy hardware (single CPU Xeon server)
  • Extra features such as H.323, rate limiter, NAT pro, resellers, enduser control panel, call-shop, load balancing and others
  • Commercial usage
  • Direct support from Mizutech according to your order