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Customized VoIP software to fit your needs exactly


Why you should switch to Mizu Softhone?

By using our softphone you can clearly differenciate from your competitors because of its unique features and superior voice quality.

After our survey, MizuPhone is a sip client that users really like running on their desktop because its "skype like" contactlist centered gui, error-free installation, simple configuration, ease of use and rich features.

The softphone has all the features common to softphones including industry standard codecs like G.729 and G.723. Stable sip and rtp stack tested with hundreds of devices in various stress conditions. Beside this, it has features never seen in other SIP clients:

  • Superior call quality due to ultra wideband codec and noise supression (definitely much better than PSTN)
  • Conference call will work even if your sip server doesn't support it. Mizuphone can present the conference call as a normal sip call and mix the signaling and the media locally (with codec conversion if necessary)
  • Features like remote desktop, file tranfer and file sharing seamlessly work through any sipserver, because it is seen as a basic voice call by the sipserver. MizuPhone has built-in special codec to transfer files and for remote desktop sessions
  • Users equipped with proper hardware and bandwidth can initiate HD quality video sessions
  • Due to its complex network address translation scenarios (STUN, ICE, UpNp and other proprietary solutions), MizuPhone can bypass routers, NAT and firewall devices
  • Built-in P2P technologies allow calls between MizuPhone users even when your servers are down
  • Its fine-tuned audio modules will outperform its competitors in adverse network conditions (big delay and packet loss)
  • Remote profile storage for companies (LDAP, XCAP, FTP, HTTP support). Also we are providing free profile storage for endusers (Users don't have to reconfigure these settings while sitting at another desktop, because it will be downloaded automatically)

Our development team is ready to implement all your demands, and offer continuous support.

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ITSPs, VARs and TelCos

Mizutech gives you robust sip solutions with continuous support at the lowest price!

We offer costumized or rebranded softphone for:

  • Telecommunication companies
  • VOIP Service Providers
  • OEMs, Resellers and System Integrators
  • Providers of IP communications products & services

Please contact us at to
begin the collaboration immediately.

VOIP Infrastructure

With MizuPhone your company can switch to VOIP easier than ever before.
MizuPhone can handle multiple VOIP providers at once reducing your telecom costs to minimum.

Enterprises and Small Business are welcome!

Call Centers

Minimize your call-center infrastructure cost by using mizuphone with your already existing system.
MizuPhone can be easily integrated to any CRM or Call Center software. Your call succes rate will increase due to mizuphone's superior call quality and error free usage.

Reseller, Affiliate


If you have a web site, you can become an Affiliate and start earning money by selling our software products.

Sign up as an affiliate for our products

  • signing up is free
  • a minimum of 20% commission
  • free technical support

Sign up as an affiliate for MizuPhone, using the following link: ShareIt Affiliate program.


  • integrate, bundle our products with your own products
  • special discount prices
  • sell directly to your customers
  • Not for Resale Software (NFR)
  • customized versions
  • free technical support

 You can sign up to shareit or contact us for a more serious partnership.


Server side solution

Take a look at our IPCentrex. Class5 softswitch and call-center functionality integrated. Can be adimistered even by non technical people. Read more details here.