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V 0.9 is available

The Mizu universal WebPhone is a standards based VoIP phone software embeddable in any webpage as a Browser Softphone, or used as a VoIP JavaScript library to build your custom web based VoIP solution, be it a simple click to call button or complex solution integrated with your existing business logic. Based on the industry standard SIP protocol, it is compatible with all VoIP devices and services. It can call any other SIP phone (softphone or ip phone for free charge) or any landline and mobile number via a VoIP service provider of your choice including your own VoIP server if you have one. All usual call features are implemented (call forward, call transfer, conference, etc).

Unlike other solutions, the mizu webphone is truly cross platform. This is achieved by using multiple different SIP/media engines targeting different platforms:

  • Java VoIP engine: runs in all java enabled browsers
  • WebRTC SIP: for modern browsers
  • Native VoIP plugin: users might install this with once click to achieve the best VoIP performance
  • Flash VoIP: for compatibility with some old browsers (*from v.1.0)
  • App: for platforms when VoIP plugins are otherwise impossible (iOS) (*from v.1.0)
The "best" suitable engine is automatically selected based on browsers/OS capabilities and server support (You can also manually preconfigure the engine to be used).
The default user interface is implemented as HTML/CSS which can be fully customized. Developers can use the API to implement any custom functionality or a custom design (any technology with JavaScript binding including HTML, CSS, Flash or generated from server side by PHP, .NET, J2EE, Node.js or others).

The download package includes the followings:
  • the software itself to be copied to your website
  • documentation
  • JavaScript library: an easy to use JavaScript API to implement your custom VoIP solution
  • a fully featured softphone: you can easily rebrand and customize it, then deploy to your website
  • a click to call button: a simple click to call solution
  • other examples


  • Runs in any browser and all OS with webrtc, java or native plugin support (Chrome, IE, Firefox and others on Windows/Linux/MAC/Android and others)
  • Standard SIP client for voice calls (in/out), chat, conference and others
  • SIP and RTP stack compatible with any standard VoIP servers and devices like Cisco, Voipswitch, Asterix, softphones, ATA and others
  • Transport protocols: UDP/TCP/TLS/DTLS/SRTP/TCP tunnel/SOCKS proxy traversal/HTTP proxy traversal
  • NAT/Firewall support: stable SIP and RTP ports ,keep-alive, rport support, fast ICE/fast STUN protocols and auto configuration
  • RFC’s: 2543, 3261, 2976, 3892, 2778, 2779, 3428, 3265, 3515, 3311, 3911, 3581, 3842, 1889, 2327, 3550, 3960, 4028, 3824, 3966, 2663, 3022 and others
  • Call divert features: redial, mute, hold, transfer, forward, conference
  • IM/Chat, DTMF, voicemail MWI
  • Redial, call hold, mute, forward and transfer (attended and unattended)
  • Balance/rating display, call timer, CallerID display
  • Integration with any webpage or third party application, using any server side technology (static page, PHP, .NET, J2EE , Node.js, etc)
  • JavaScript API
  • Branding and customization: Use with your own brand. Customizable user interface, skins and languages (with ready to use, modifiable skins)
  • Flexibility (all parameters/behavior can be changed/controlled by URL parameters, preconfigured parameters and/or from java script)


Windows / Linux / MAC / Android


Platform independent
One single app for all platforms.
The mizu webphone has multiple different SIP/media engines built-in to cover most of the popular platforms. You can forgot the complexity in the background as the webphone will just magically runs on all platforms, offering the "best" suitable engine for the endusers.

Easy to use
Let your clients easily initiate new voice calls directly from your website without the need to download any software. The web phone will be hosted by your webserver (one single file)
Calls can be initiated by typing a phone number, by click to call functionally or by your application logic using the JavaScript API.
Copy-paste html code in your website. You have to set only your VoIP server address to begin.

Full customization is supported by numerous settings or using the java script API.
You can even completely change the user interface using your favorite tool (HTML, DHTML, AJAX, FLASH, etc) or control from the server side (PHP, .NET, J2EE, etc).

Based on telecom standards
Connects to any standard based sip server (like Cisco, Asterix, etc).
Integrated SIP and RTP stack with industrial codecs. The webphone can connect directly to your VoIP server or third party IP phones and softphones just like any other standard VoIP client does.


  • Web based, so you can easily integrate into any website and users don't have to install a separate software for VoIP
  • A single solution supporting all platforms where VoIP in browser is possible including Windows, Linux, MAC, Android, Solaris, Chrome OS, Firefox OS
  • Full compatibility with your VoIP servers including Class 5 features
  • Easy to use and easy to deploy (copy paste HTML code)
  • Highly configurable by (not only) web developers
  • Easy integration with your existing infrastructure. It takes you only a few minuted to get started
  • Easy integration with your existing website design. Use/modify the default skins or create your own with simple HTML/CSS
  • The easiest way to offer VoIP for your customers integrated in your web or application
  • JavaScript API to build your own custom VoIP web solution

Usage examples

Flexibility was one of our priorities. The webphone package can be used in many ways:

  • JavaScript VoIP library for developers
  • As a ready to use softphone running from your website, so the user will not have to install a separate standalone softphone software (just set your VoIP server address to go)
  • Custom softphone (you can fully customize the softphone including sip settings, design and branding)
  • VoIP service providers can deploy the mizu webphone on their web pages allowing customers to initiate SIP calls without the need of any other equipment directly from their web browsers
  • Add VoIP capabilities for any software
  • As ready to use VoIP click to call solution (just preconfigure with a sip account and a number to call
  • Buy/sell portals
  • For web based callcenters
  • Browser VoIP SDK to build your product
  • SIP browser plugin
  • jQuery phone plugin
  • VoIP gadget
  • SaaS services
  • Embedded VoIP device
  • VoIP CRM integration
  • VoIP plugin for PHP, .NET, JSP or any popular server script language
  • Social networking websites
  • As a portable communication tool between company employees
  • VoIP enabled support pages where people can call your support people from your website.
  • VoIP enabled blogs and forums where members can call each other
  • As a facebook phone
  • Wordpress voip plugin
  • HTML Call me button
  • VoIP call from Email signature
  • Help desk VoIP call from browser
  • Browser phone plugin
  • For voip service providers to offer click to call functionality for their customers
  • Callback and phone to phone functionality
  • SIP phone plugin for all popular CRM and blog web engine
  • VoIP enabled sales when customers can call agents
  • The rest is up to your imagination...


What is a webphone?

A webphone is a software program for making telephone calls over the Internet (VoIP/SIP) using a web browser, rather than native applications or a dedicated hardware phone.