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Why Mizutech softswitch?

Mar 15 2012

Why should you use the Mizutech softswitch?

When you purchase your VoIP equipment, most probably the decision factors are the followings:
  1. quality and features
  2. price and ROI
  3. performance, scalability and stability
  4. support and maintenance
  5. added value

Let me write a few words about why Mizutech VoIP solution is a leader in all factors:

Quality and features

Mizutech solutions are used by big carriers handling millions of calls all over the word.
The softswitch was built with profitable and sustainable businesses in mind.
You have all the commonly used class 5 features and all business related settings fine-tuned by default.

Price and ROI

Pay only what you get. We provide a flexible pricing when everybody can select the exact capacity and features needed and pay only for that.
This results in affordable prices for both startup/small business and carrier grade companies.
ROI is much better than for free open source solutions due to the reduced hardware and support costs. (Running Mizu softswitch on the same hardware it can handle much more simultaneous calls than you could achieve with Asterisk for example. Not to mention about system stability and reduced maintenance costs)

Performance, scalability and stability

Mizutech offers the performance of expensive hardware based solutions on legacy PC platforms. Softswitches has already evolved to a stage where there are absolutely no reason for you to spend 10x more for specialized hardware since you get the same performance without any quality compromise.
The Mizu softswitch can handle up to 10000 simultaneous calls using low cost legacy hardware (such as 8 core Intel Xeon CPU with 16 GB RAM).
By using a dual server configuration you have a robust a cheap backup and load sharing solution.

Support and maintenance

The Mizu softswitch is already preconfigured for optimal operation and comes with an easy to use admin interface. Most of the maintenance tasks are done automatically including backups and automatic runtime optimizations based on your traffic.
It can be managed even by inexperienced people and even the base prices are with included Mizutech support.

Added value

The Mizutech softswitch has a lot of common functionality with other prevalent softswitch, but it is also an unique software, presenting unique advantages for its users.
For now, I would like to highlight three important benefits:
-The Mizu softswitch comes with a VoIP client solution for all the major PC and mobile platforms. (Did you know that the Mizu webphone is a market leader in VoIP click to call client solutions?)
-The Mizu softswitch comes with built-in VoIP tunneling and encryption. This means that your users will be able to use VoIP even when other regural VoIP clients will fail (mobile ISP blocking VoIP, behind corporate firewalls, VoIP blocked countries)

-The Mizu SIP load balancer can easily handle millions of simultaneous calls on a cheap 4 core Xeon server, providing a robust frontend to your network with no scalability worries