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The universal SIP web softphone

By Mizutech on 6/22/2016

Browser VoIP -The Solution

Universal SIP web softphone

One VoIP app for all platforms

By Mizutech on 6/22/2016

Browser VoIP -The Challenge

One VoIP app for all platforms

The sad state of VoIP from browsers

By Mizutech on 4/30/2016

Browser VoIP -The Market

The status of VoIP calls on the web

PayPal unfriendly practices

By Mizutech on 4/4/2016


Unfriendly practices

VoIP Market 2016

By Mizutech on 1/13/2016

VoIP in 2016

VoIP market analysis and trends forecast for 2016

SIP/VoIP Tutorial

By Mizutech on 1/13/2014

A quick and easy jump to VOIP

Another VoIP tech intro created by Mizutech support people

Why Windows OS is a good choice for VoIP?

By Mizutech on 4/17/2012

OS For VoIP server

Windows OS has some advantages over Linux which matters. However the most important factor is your VoIP software and not the OS.

Which is the best codec?

By Mizutech on 3/26/2012

Finding the best audio codec

Answer for the "which is the best codec" question.

Why Mizutech softswitch?

By Mizutech on 3/15/2012

Why the Mizutech softswitch?

NAT/Firewall issues in sip telephony

By Mizutech on 8/11/2008

NAT/Firewall issues in SIP telephony

The SIP protocol is very tricky regarding this topic
Let me explain how mizuphone works behind NAT