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PayPal unfriendly practices

Apr 04 2016

PayPal unfriendly practices

Today morning I entered into my PayPal account just to realize that my account access has been limited.

This is the warning I got after login:

I don't know if anybody else have the same feeling, but after such kind of tricks, I don't really feel that my money at PayPal is secure.

They are blocking my account, without any preliminary notice or warning. It already happened before for other questionable reasons.
Why they just can't send an email or a notification that I have to resolve problem X within Y days, and let me continue to use my PayPal account normally meantime? I am an old PayPal user with continuous usage and with frequent biggish transactions. Yet they treat me like an enemy.

I could agree that this would not be such a big issue if it could be resolved quickly. However now I am stuck with their form as I completed everything and uploaded documents (my id card, passport, driver license, company papers, etc), but at one of the questions (filling up the "director" details) I got an error impossible to pass. They are actually asking the same things what I already uploaded long time ago, but now I am unable to complete the process due to a bug in their software, so my account remains blocked.
I sent them an "email" from their "Help" form, but I all get was an auto-response message, repeating the same things which I already can read from their website, treating me as a stupid, not worth the time to properly answer my request by a human.

These kind of practices always scares me as I thought that an important role of a financial institution should be to give a strong secure feeling for their customers about their money. I don't have this feeling with my PayPal account at all. Actually now I can imagine my PayPal account being blocked at any time, without real reason, losing all my money with nowhere to complain (Bad phone support after long IVR wait times).

The only reason why I am using PayPal now is because there is no other/better alternatives. I think that there is a big hole in the market here waiting for a new startup. Stripe sounds good for US customers, but not for the most parts of the world (I am in Romania).

A few hours later and my PayPal account is completely blocked. I can't even login now.

After 3 days and all these scary things I finally received a message from PayPal that my account is "restored" now.

My PayPal account is available again and I am preparing for the next "event".