What is Mizu SoftPhone?

Mizu Softphone (MizuPhone) is a professional VoIP softphone based on the open standard SIP protocol with an easy to use interface. With MizuPhone you can connect to any SIP (proxy and/or registrar) server on the public internet or on your local area network. For novices: MizuPhone is an internet phone software to make real calls using your PC.

MizuPhone tries to combine the SIP compatibility with P2P inteligence and an intuitive GUI. It is a perfect choice for everybody who wants to keep its telephone bills to minimum while using the greatest features from the VoIP industry.

The good news to VoIP service providers is, that MizuPhone was designed to seamleasly work with any SIP server and IP Phone. Its modular architecture allows you to costumize, add or disable any functionality.

MizuPhone is a free softphone for non professional usage.

Download and try it.

Facts about MizuPhone

  1. Mizu SoftPhone has extra features like HD video, Remote Desktop over SIP and UltraWideband codec
  2. The softphone is built exclusively on industry standard technologies providing full compatibility with your existing SIP infrastructure
  3. MizuPhone helps to join the largest comunity in the world. Over 10 million existing SIP users
  4. With the help of its advanced network handling, it will work behind NAT's and firewalls
  5. The P2P functionality lightens the sip server load and brings the biggest service availabilty
  6. It's simple user interface makes it usable even by novices
  7. It knows everything what a voip client should know, and still compatible with any SIPserver
  8. It's advanced features (video, file transfer, conference, remote desktop, etc) will work even if the server doesn't support them
  9. The automatic network discovery brings efficiency at your workplace
  10. Mizu SoftPhone is the softphone that takes the most of the newest VoIP technologies


  • Simple to use with a long list of built-in features
  • Can handle multiple profiles, multiple accounts and multiple SIP server registrations
  • Clear IP-IP voice quality due to Ultra WideBand  codecs
  • HD quality video calls (depending on your camera and bandwidth)
  • Presence, instant messaging, SMS
  • Mute, Hold, Redial, Transfer, Forward, Conference
  • Callback and Phone to phone calls
  • File transfer and file sharing (compatibile with any SIP server)
  • Remote Desktop (compatibile with any SIP server)
  • Local and remote VoiceMail
  • FAX (T.38 and Inband)
  • AEC, AGC, VAD, PLC, QoS, Noise supression
  • Audio Codecs: G711, G.722, G.723, G726, G729, GSM, iLBC, L16, Speex
  • Video Codecs: MJPG, MPEG1, MPEG4, Theora, H263, H264
  • Transport: UDP, TCP, TLS
  • DTMF (Inband, RFC 2833 and SIP INFO)
  • Softphone profile storage (WebDav, XCAP, FTP, HTTP)
  • Network handling: UPNP, STUN, ICE, firewall and NAT detection
  • History (with voice and video recording)
  • Balance/credit display
  • Capable for encypted communications (Blowflish,TLS-SSL,SRTP)
  • Intelligent P2P based network path detection (will work even if the server is down)
  • Free profile storage and routing helper servers
  • Custom softphone for voip service providers (preconfigured accounts, settings, features, language, etc)

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