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Now, three internet phones are being used, namely: PC softphone , VoIP handset, and the ATA or the analog telephone adapter. The first one is a software that makes use of the computer's sound card, speakers, and microphone. The VoIP handset relies on your personal computer and is more complex than the first one. The ATA will not require you to have a personal computer because the high-speed internet connection is directly connected to it. These internet phones also have different softwares.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the latest technology allowing you to deliver and receive voice calls using an Internet connection, particularly broadband, as a substitute to an analog or an ordinary phone line. Also, it is referred to as the Broadband telephony, Voice over Broadband, IP Telephony Broadband Phone, and Internet telephony.

The best way to appeal to upper management is to focus on the costeffectiveness
of convergence. Map out your current expenses and contrast
those numbers with the expense of VoIP convergence. The numbers speak
for themselves: VoIP convergence reduces operating expenses enough to pay
168 Part III: Making the Move to VoIP
for itself in the near term, and it can save the company a whole lot of money
going forward

VoIP services may allow you to call other people by using the same service; however, there are some which allow you to call anyone having a telephone number.  This includes international numbers, mobile phones, local numbers, and long distance. Some VoIP services just work over your computer or a special VoIP phone, while other services let you use a traditional phone connected to the VoIP adapter.

The telephone is very important for all people. It allows you to keep in touch with your family and friends and it also allows you to communicate with your business acquaintances. Today, with the advancement in communication technology, it allowed people to communicate more clearly at a very cheap rate. Some communication mediums are also provided for free, such as emails.

With all the different kinds of communication technology available today, you would definitely want the best kind of communication system available in order for you to communicate with your family, friends and business acquaintances more efficiently and also at a much cheaper rate.

This kind of technology is called VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. This is the latest technology available to all consumers all over the world to provide cheaper and more efficient calls. Unlike conventional phone systems, the VoIP uses the internet to transmit and receive voice and video signals. This means that the data transmitted is in digital format. Because it is in digital format, it will mean faster transmission rate at a much clearer and sharper audio quality.

Another great advantage of VoIP is that most VoIP service providers enable free calls within their subscribers. This means that if you are calling a person who is subscribed to the same VoIP service provider you are subscribed in wherever they are in the world you will be able to call them for free. There will be no hidden charges, and not a single cent will be charged to you. Not only will you be able to make free calls within the subscribers of the same VoIP service provider, but the best part is, the calls are unlimited.

Most people are familiar in using the internet when conducting meetings. VoIP has a similarity with this process; however it uses a telephone being connected to a modem. This modem can be requested or purchased from the ISP (Internet Service Provider). The installation is very simple: VoIP modem is plug into the current modem and the phone and computer is plug into the VoIP modem.