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Nokia SIP client

Many Nokia phones comes preinstalled with a built-in SIP client

Configuration Guide

BEFORE YOU BEGIN, please note the following:

On the Nokia  some of VoIP settings are hidden by default, and you will need Nokia's new VoIP SIP application.

This application can be used to configure VoIP settings on your Nokia. You can create new VoIP profiles and modify the existing ones, and create and modify VoIP parameters and NAT/Firewall traversal settings and that are normally not visible on the device UI, such as codec settings and SIP domain-specific NAT/FW settings. It is also possible to save all the VoIP profile settings to a text file. It also enables VoIP over WCDMA which means you can make VoIP call over 3G Internet connection.

Using your PC you can download free Nokia SIP VoIP application from here (unzip please) or you can check Nokia web sitefor latest version.

Extract and install SIS file using Nokia PC Suite software on your PC.

Once installation is complete you will be able to see "SIP VoIP Settings" application under Applications menu on your Nokia, which you will need in STEP 5 of this configuration guide for better voice quallity or enabling VoIP over 3G Internet connection.

Here you can find Nokia N90 SIP settings for voip setup configuration guide with VoIPVoIP service.


Go to Tools / Settings / Connection / SIP settings. Create the following profile

Profile Name: anything

Profile: IETF Default

Access point: (your WLAN AP name)

Public user name: (Instead of xxxxxxx account number example, use the account number assigned to you when signed up for the service)

Use Compression: No

Registration: "Always on”

Use Security: No



You do not need to enter Proxy Server settings

Proxy Server Address: none

Registrar Server: none

Realm: none

User Name: none



Enter the following for Registrar Server settings

Registrar Server: (When recorded your phone will show sip: sip.

Realm: your voip server realm (from the server global configuration) or domain name or IP address

User Name: xxxxxxxx (Instead of xxxxxxx account number example, use the account number assigned to you when signed up for the service. )

Password: Enter the password that you chose when you signed up for the service.

Transport Type: UDP

Port: 5060



Go to connection / Internet Tel. Settings

Create a new profile for the voip service, name it "xxx"

In Connectivity / Internet tel. / preferred profile

Choose " xxx "


For better voice quality or in order to be able to make VoIP calls over 3G internet connection you need to use Nokia SIP VoIP Application you installed.

Go to Applications on your phone and click on "SIP VoIP Settings" application. Choose VoIP services/the name of your xxx account Internet profile.

Click on "Profile Settings" and find "Allow VoIP over WCDMA" option and change it to "ON" This change allows VoIP over 3G connection on Nokia phones.

For better voice quality go to Codecs and delete all codecs except G729. There should be only G729 codec left under codecs setting


Reboot your phone. Once your phone is back on it will automatically register to the sip server.

Once it is registered you can start making calls.

Default call type: To switch between normal GSM calls or VOIP calls, navigate to Tools / Settings / Call / Default call type. Select Cellular to make normal calls to the phone number or Internet to use VoIP to call the number or address

Make Calls!



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