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iOS softphone deploy

iPhone AdHoc requirements:

I will send you an iPhone softphone for testing asap, but first you need to register your test devices on apple developer portal.
Below you can find the steps to do so:
1. Go to   -> Member center -> Login
2. Go to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles -> Devices -> click plus button in top-right corner to add new device

You can find your UDID by connecting your iOS device to your computer -> start iTunes -> select your device -> then Summary tab on the left.
In the first "box" you will see a field called "ECID:", click it a few times, until you see your UDID.

iPhone AdHoc install guide:

You can find a “Provisioning profile” in the ZIP archive.

You can install this softphone using iTunes. Just follow the instructions below:

In iTunes  you can go to the view menu, and "Show Sidebar", this will give you the sidebar, that you can drag 'n drop to.

You'll drag 'n drop to the open area that will be near the bottom of the sidebar (I'm typically doing this with both an IPA and a provisioning profile). After you do that, there will be an apps menu that appears in the sidebar with your app in it. Click on that, and you'll see your application in the main view. You can then drag your application from there to your device
Demo video:

iPhone  enable log:

You can enable logging from:
    1 . Settings app -> GlobalTalk -> Phone settings -> Debugging logfile -> set to "Very detailed"
    2. Completely restart GlobalTalk
    3. on User Setup page the "Send log" option will be available

iPhone customization requirements:

For the iPhone softphone we need the following details:
- Apple developer account username and password.  The one that you have sent below, is not working.
- An application icon 1024x1024 pixels
- 2 test accounts, which should be working for at least one month, until the Apple review team accepts the softphone.

iOS Softphone