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Webportal integration

The Web interface is implemented in a separate process or service (MizuWeb) which provides a user interface for the endusers, resellers, etc.  

You can automatically login to this web interface and access a few pages directly or you can easily integrate this webportal into your own.
(This is not the built-in HTTP API). The easiest way would be to just add it to an iFrame and you might automate the login (so the users are not request to login again if already logged into your portal).

The webportal can be easily customized/branded. For this just login as an admin user and see the settings on the "Portal setting" page or from MizuManage global configuration search for "webportal".


The following URL parameters can be used with the web interface to implement auto login:

function: name of the page (newuser, callhistory, tariffs, recharge, publictariffs, sms, notify, callback, forwarding, p2p, mydetails) or “login”

username: sip username

password: password in clean text (use md5 and salt instead of clean password)

md5: md5 checksum calculated as MD5("C8y5:" + username + ":" + password+":"+salt)  (don’t include “ and + )

salt: any salt value to be used for md5 calculation



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