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Webphone support

The webphone comes with life-time license and the license costs includes also support for no extra cost.

The support amount included with your initial webphone license is described on the pricing page.
You might have to purchase extra support slots if this default amount is expired or consumed and for some reason you need more support from MizuTech.
Otherwise the webphone is shipped with life-time license which means that you are not forced to purchase any extra support slots if upgrades are not needed and you don't have any request to our tech support team. More support terms.

Additional support is optional, however if you need support after the default/included package expired, we can provide the following extended support package:

  • maintenance upgrades (usually 2 upgrade per year, plus critical upgrades if any)
  • level 1/2 email support: up to 5 requests, maximum 3 hour
  • level 3 support (development): up to 1 requests (maximum 1 hour)
  • valid for one year
  • cost:
    • Standard license: upgrade to Advanced first by paying the difference ($1000). This will cover two years extended support + the extra Advanced version features
    • Standard license (keep): $500
    • Advanced license: $600
    • Gold license: $900
  • you can also buy more slots if needed (depending on the amount of support specific to your requests)

Extend your support period (PayPal payment):

Supported environments and terms:

  • OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS (some functions are OS dependent and not all functions are available on all platforms). Both 32 and 64 bit platforms are supported.
  • Browser: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Safari, Opera (we might not be able to provide support for exotic or outdated browsers and operating systems)
  • Features as described on the webphone homepage. Full support for the basic voice call functionality and less support for extra features. Some functions might not work in all conditions (depending on OS/browser/VoIP engine/server capabilities)
  • Debugging some complicated functionalities might require more time. For example presence, attended transfer, the browser provided WebRTC stack or WebRTC-SIP conversion related request usually takes more time.
  • We don't provide support for design or user interface elements (the webphone is a library and the user interface can be handled by any novice web developer, although we also provide ready to use open source skins, free to be changed after your needs)
  • No support is provided for the documented known issues or beta features

For support please email to with the following details:

  • issue description (eventually with screenshots)
  • one valid SIP account on your server for test (for some functionality -such as conference or call transfer- more accounts are needed)
  • detailed webphone logs
  • the settings you use or the whole html/js
  • environment description if the webphone doesn't start at all (OS/browser version, console logs if available)

All webphone support is done via email and the response time is up to one work-day (usually up to 5 hours in business days/hours).